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Vibrating Recliner Cushion

    Vibrating Recliner Cushion

    Vibrating Recliner Cushion

    SKU# 0111SO1100

    The Somatron Recliner Cushion connects easily to any stereo system or VCR within 10 to 100 watts of power.



    The Somatron Recliner Cushion connects easily to any stereo system or VCR within 10 to 100 watts of power. Incorporated in the Recliner Cushion is one Somatron vibrotactile full range speaker in the center of the upper section (body), and the same in the center of the lower section (leg). Both speakers utilize the patented Somatron Second Diaphragm Vibroacoustic System. The back section also has two full range high fidelity stereo head speakers protruding from the top adjacent the ears. The volume control on the cushion controls the listening level of these speakers. These speakers provide quality stereo sound and excellent stereo separation.
    The Somatron Recliner Cushion will fit the BackSaver Classic Recliners and all recliner lounge chairs and chairs with independent foot rests. It can be used while these chairs are in any position from upright to fully reclined. The Recliner Cushion can also be used on flat and adjustable beds and on most outdoor lounge chairs.
    • Permeates your whole body with stimulating and soothing sound vibrations.
    • Assists in creating the physician recommended Trendelenburg position, with your lower legs above your heart, reducing pressure on your spine, relieving full-body muscle tension and increasing circulation. This position is used by NASA astronauts during lift-off.
    • Superior ergonomics assist in maintaining stress-free body alignment.

    Useful for:

    • Relaxation
    • Individual Stress reduction
    • Calming restless behavior
    • Physical and auditory stimulation
    • Tuning the body vibrational energy system
    • Enhancing self help and mind-brain tapes
    • Making the mind-body connection
    • Recreational Therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Music therapy
    • Holistic health and alternative medicine practices
    SKU# 0111SO1100


    Vibrating Recliner Cushion Specifications:

    Power Capacity Patented Somatron Second Diaphragm System. Connect to any stereo rated 10 to 100 watts of power.
    Speakers Two 12” full range main vibration speakers developed by the Somatron Corporation for Somatron Vibroacoustic equipment.Unique features of the patented Somatron Vibrotactile speakers: Just 2 “thick, Long throw flat diaphragm, High 28 oz. Magnet assembly, Strong light weight vacuum molded frame, Two 4” full range high fidelity ear listening speakers with volume control.
    Fuse Protection Two 2 amp. fuses are used to fully protect the speakers.
    Dimension 4” thick x 24” wide x 74” long in 3 joined sections; back, seat and leg.
    Weight 35 lbs.
    Upholstery Superior grade of soft leather-like vinyl
    Color India Ink (Black)
    Shipping Carton size: 12” x 25” x 39” Shipping Weight: 40 lbs. UPS Ground
    Warranty One year on materials and workmanship.
    Includes Instructions and 20" length of cable

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