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Wood Backed Mirror

    Wood Backed Mirror

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    Wood Backed Mirror

    SKU# WBMirror
    Adding just one simple Wood-Backed Mirror to a sensory area can do so much for engaging children in sensory play. Perfect for use behind bubble tubes and fiber optic lighting, or as a body awareness tool. OVERSIZED ITEM OVERSIZED ITEM

  • Easily provides additional visual stimulation and visual processing
  • Ideal for use in a sensory room or therapy gym
  • Made of shatterproof acrylic mounted on hardwood
  • Can be mounted to a wall

  • All mirrors are 5/16" thick.

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    Increase the intensity of visual effects in any sensory room with our Wood-Backed Mirror. It's made with reflective shatterproof acrylic that is attached to a wooden back that helps to prevent distortion and gives excellent durability. Easily installed on to any wall, this mirror is the perfect compliment to bubble tubes, fiber optic lighting, glow panels, and other sensory room visuals.

    Our Wood-Backed Mirrors are a great way to increase the intensity of the visual effects in an MSE room and a must when installing a bubble tube and platform. With two of our safe, acrylic mirrors mounted in the same corner as your bubble tube, you quadruple the visual experience. The multiple reflections of the bubble tube make it seem like there are FOUR bubble tubes, and greatly enhance the calming light emanating from the bubble tube.

    Wood-Backed Mirrors are 36" wide and available in three lengths: 48", 60", 72". Each mirror features a reflective surface made of durable, shatterproof acrylic mounted on a wooden back, Six pre-drilled holes. Installation hardware included.

    SKU# WBMirror


    Wood Backed Mirror Specifications

    • Available in three dimensions: 36" x 48", 36" x 60", 36" x 72"
    • Overall Thickness: 5/16"
    • Mirror Thickness: 1/8"
    • Wood Thickness: 3/16"
    • Constructed of durable acrylic and a wooden back
    • Shatterproof
    • Pre-drilled holes
    • Installation hardware included (6 drywall screws, 6 drywall anchors, 6 concrete screws, 6 white screw caps)

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