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How Do I Feel? Interactive Reading Books

    How Do I Feel? Interactive Reading Books

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    How Do I Feel? Interactive Reading Books

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    How Do I Feel? is an interactive reading book for young learners that explores emotions and feelings.



    Young learners are encouraged to explore and understand the concept of emotions within a specific context. Children can choose the image of the emotion that they feel to complete a sentence which describes a particular situation. For example, 'I feel....when I don’t know what to do.' Open-ended questions at the back of the book allow you to create your own sentences. The emotions depicted are include happy, shy, bored, embarrassed, proud, pain, lonely, surprised, stressed, jealous, mad, frustrated, worried, sorry, guilty, scared, sad and excited.

    Children learn to identify pictures of emotions in this book. Sentences such as, "I feel ________ when I do a good job," allow the students to label their feelings. (There are no "correct" answers.) Open-ended questions at the back of the book allow teachers, therapists, parents or children to make up their own sentences. Even if a student is non-verbal or doesn't speak English, once they can identify the pictures, you can read the sentence and have them give you or point to the picture that labels their emotion. Another fun activity and a means of assessing a students emotions is to put the pictures face down and have students pick a picture. Ask them to give you an example of what might make them feel that way. (ex: A student picks a card that says, "excited", ask the student to tell you something that would make them feel excited.)

    SKU# E02984


    Metal Ring, by Joan Green, Illustrated by Linda Comerford


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