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    VB-MAPP Set

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    VB-MAPP Set

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    The new, comprehensive assessment from Dr. Sundberg is here!



    The VB-MAPP offers a new generation of the application of B. F. Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior to language assessment for children with autism or other developmental disabilities. The VB-MAPP is an assessment tool, curriculum guide, and skill tracking system that is also based on established developmental milestones, and research from the field of behavior analysis. The VB-MAPP has been field-tested with children with autism, children with other developmental disabilities, and typically developing children.

    The VB-MAPP provides a clear and accurate picture of an individual child's abilities, as well as potential language and learning barriers that may be hindering progress. The overall program contains:

    • The Skills Assessment - Assesses 170 language and social milestones across 3 developmental levels. The milestones are quantifiable and measurable and can be used to document learning, or used for outcome research.
    • The Barriers Assessment - An assessment of 24 language and learning barriers that may prevent a child from making progress. The Barriers Assessment can be used for intervention planning and to track progress.
    • The Skills Task Analysis and Tracking System - Contains over 1000 skills that support the milestones, and can be used to record and track progress.
    • The Placement and IEP Guide - Suggests direction for the intervention program based on the child's profiled strengths and weaknesses.
    • The Transition Assessment - Identifies the skills needed for successful transition to less restrictive learning environments.
    • This set contains 1 individual child scoring booklet and 1 Instructor's Manual and Placement Guide. 

    The VB-MAPP Instructors Manual and Placement Guide

    The VB-MAPP Instructor's Manual and Placement Guide contains a description of how to use Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior for language assessment, the assessment instructions, and the specific scoring criteria for each of the 170 milestones. In addition, the Manual contains a placement guide that offers specific suggestions for programming and direction for each of the 170 milestones achieved, as well as suggestions for IEP goals for each skill presented in the three levels of the VB-MAPP.

    The VB-MAPP Individual Child Protocol

    The VB-MAPP Individual Child Protocol contains scoring forms and charts for each of the 170 milestones, the 24 language and learning barriers, the transition to less restrictive settings assessment, and the over 1000 tasks contained in the task analysis of each skill area.

    SKU# E03055


    By Mark L. Sundberg, PhD, BCBA


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