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    Learn about money with the fun and interactive Coin-U-Later, a coin-counting calculator.


    Learn about money with this fun and interactive coin-counting calculator! Each realistic coin and dollar button makes a sound when pressed. Use the Coin-U-Lator to count money, teach the value of different coins, determine how much money is needed to make a purchase, and more!

    There's a switch to change the math activity from addition to subtraction, as well as a variety of fun sounds for reinforcement. There are also two fun learning games, and when the correct answer is entered, players are rewarded with a "Good Job!" or "Way to Go!". There's also an Ooops Button to go back and fix mistakes and a mute button for classroom use. Batteries and instructions come included.Highest decimal is $99.99.


    The Buttons:

    • While the Coin-u-lator's appearance resembles a calculator, it functions quite differently. There are twelve buttons on the machine that control all of the activities.
    • The "On/Reset" button activates the use of the device and allows the user to reset the LCD during use.
    • The "Off" button completes all activity and turns the machine off.
    • Four realistic "Coin" buttons and one "Dollar" button depicts realistic money. When the coin buttons are pressed, the value of the coin is displayed on the LCD screen.
    • The "Dual Display" button, which is denoted with a "$" symbol, changes the way the coin values are displayed on the LCD screen. The values can be shown as a decimal ($ 0.05) or in an alpha-numeric format (0 Dollars and 05 cents). As the coin values are shown on the LCD screen, they are either added or subtracted from the current amount displayed.
    • A red "Plus/Minus" switch allows the user to easily change the function from addition to subtraction.
    • The "Game" button changes the add and subtract mode and allows the user to choose between two different coin-counting games. An "Oops" button clears the last entry during the game or counting modes. The "Mute" button turns all auditory sounds and voices off and on.

    The LCD Screen:

    • This large, digital screen displays all of the changes that take place as the user manipulates the various buttons. Visual "+" and "-" symbols, remind the user if the addition or subtraction mode is being used. The screen clearly shows the values of the coins, the title of the game being played, and various responses, "Great," "Too Much," or "Keep Going," as users play the two games.

    "Matching" Game:

    • In this game, a random dollar amount is displayed on the LCD. The user tries to match the given amount by pressing a combination of the realistic coin and dollar buttons. As coin buttons are pressed, the guessed value is displayed. The player is guided by positive verbal rewards and reminders. If the player exceeds the given amount, the auditory reminder will advise the player, "That's Too Much," and the guessed value on the screen will return to the last entry.

    "Coin-Count" Game:

    • The object of this game is for the player to select the right combination of coins to match a target amount. When the game begins, a random dollar amount is displayed on the LCD. Under the given amount, four boxes are lined up. The boxes denote a penny, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter. The player then selects one of the realistic coin buttons. If a penny is selected, a "1" will appear over the box marked "P" for penny. As the player selects different coin buttons, the number of coins chosen will appear over each appropriate box. When a combination of selected coins adds up to equal the amount first shown on the LCD, the player wins. Whenever a coin is selected that exceeds the displayed amount, the player is told, "That's too much. Try again." If a player is uncertain about his or her next choice, the Coin-u-lator will encourage the player by stating, "Keep Going."

    Special Features:
    The automatic shut-off is activated after ten minutes and is an excellent energy-saving feature. The battery storage compartment, located on the back side of the unit, is safely secured and can only be opened with a screwdriver.

    SKU# E00859


    Coin-U-Lator Specifications:

  • Batteries and instructions are included
  • Highest decimal is $99.99.
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    The Coin-u-lator is so helpful for my students. With the 3-d coin buttons they really get to feel what the coins are like. The games are very practical and give them practice with all the skills they'll need Review by Katy / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    I teach a K-2 class for those students with significant disabilities, and I have struggled with fun interactive money learning for some time. I was able to purchase this through a grant and I LOVE it. The kids have a strong interest in completing money activities now, and this was something that they did not look forward to before!! Review by Sherry / (Posted on 8/26/2013)