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Autism: Now What Do I Do?

    Autism: Now What Do I Do?

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    Autism: Now What Do I Do?

    SKU# E03076

    Need concise, practical information about Autism? The instructional Autism: Now What Do I Do? DVD is a must-have video for parents of newly diagnosed children.



    This is a must-have DVD for parents of newly diagnosed children from Sabrina Freeman, PhD of SKF Books. As a mother, professional, publisher and founder of FEAT BC, she has put together her years of experience and advocacy work into this guide for parents of children who are newly diagnosed. This is a straightforward, step-by-step roadmap for getting through the initial stages of diagnosis in order to set up efficient, science-based autism treatment. This video is ideal for parents in need of concise and practical information on how to get started in what can be an overwhelming experience. It is also a terrific training resource.

    This DVD is designed for parents of a child just diagnosed with autism who want a no-nonsense, step-by-step roadmap for medically necessary autism treatment. This is the "how to" DVD to set up science-based treatment, presented in a clear and straightforward way.

    Parents who benefit have a child diagnosed with autism or a related pervasive developmental disorder and are looking for "best practice" treatment for their child, as recommended by mental health professionals, the New York State Department of Health and the U.S. Surgeon General's report on mental health.

    Practical and concise information on Autism treatment is in short supply but essential for parents to know how to set up a science-based treatment program for their child. Dr. Freeman strongly supports the view that the earlier a child begins therapy, the better the outcome - there's no time to waste! The goal of this video is to help parents who may not otherwise receive important Autism treatment information from health professionals or other well-informed parents who have already traveled down this long and often confusing road.

    Sabrina Freeman, PhD, received her doctorate from Stanford University. Dr. Freeman, a sociologist and publisher, is also the mother of a child with Autism and founder of the parent self-help group, Families for Early Autism Treatment of B.C., Dr. Freeman has put her many years of experience with Autism treatment and advocacy into this important video guide for new parents. As the author of Teach Me Language and Executive Director of FEAT of British Columbia, Dr. Freeman has guided thousands of parents around the world on what to do with their children, newly diagnosed with Autism.

    This 35-minute DVD puts together all those years and countless hours of questions and answers from calls of parents who all say, "My child just got diagnosed with autism: Now what do I do?"

    SKU# E03076


    DVD, 35 minutes


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