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Teaching Verbal Behavior: Getting Started

    Teaching Verbal Behavior: Getting Started

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    Teaching Verbal Behavior: Getting Started

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    A hands-on workshop for getting started teaching Verbal Behavior. This comprehensive training DVD teaches a behavioral approach to teaching communication skills to children with autism and other developmental disabilities in the intensive teaching environment.



    This DVD is like having a personalized hands-on workshop, providing definitions and concrete examples of the ins and outs of a verbal behavior program. For those looking to learn how to implement or optimize a Verbal Behavior program, this is the series you've been waiting for. Getting Started demonstrates the behavioral approaches necessary to begin your verbal behavior program.

    The DVD is easy to follow and teaches both educators and parents essential skills. Chapters include Gaining Instructional Control, Variables of Intensive Teaching, Behavioral Classification of Language / Verbal Operants, Transfer Procedures, Error Correction Procedure and Teaching Demonstration. Through role modeling, these Behavior Analysts thoroughly explain the steps needed to teach communication skills to students with autism in an optimal teaching environment.

    In this first DVD, you will learn how to:

    • Establish and maintain learner cooperation
    • Use easy and understandable steps to teach in the intensive teaching environment
    • Identify and prevent common teaching mistakes
    • Define the concept of a word and then teach it across its many functions
    • Teach a new skill while preventing errors
    • Properly correct errors when they do occur

    This DVD includes a demonstration of teaching in the intensive teaching environment.

    SKU# E03090


    DVD, Approximately 1 hour


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