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Lace & Trace Farm Animals

    Lace & Trace Farm Animals

    Lace & Trace Farm Animals

    SKU# E00440
    The colorful lacing set offers a delightful variety of shapes, colors and patterns.


    The colorful lacing set offers a delightful variety of shapes, colors and patterns. They come in a sturdy wooden storage case. Set contains five jumbo, double-sided lacing panels, plus five color-coordinated laces.
    SKU# E00440


    Lace & Trace Farm Animals Specifications:

    • Age: 3+
    • Measure 8" x 6.5" x 2"
    • Colors Vary
    • Patterns Vary
    • Shapes Vary

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    My three kids love this product. They will sit there and lace for hours. I also use this for my in home daycare and all of the kids love it. Review by S. Ryder / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    Great toy for teaching coordination and for independent play! They are made of a sturdy wood that keeps them from bending or falling apart, and appear to be very durable for little hands. The laces are very easy to handle. I bought two sets of these - one for my son who is 23 months and one for my nephew who is 2 1/2. Although they both play with them, my son is still a bit too young for the concept although they do keep his attention. I think as others have said, they are perfect for children closer to 3+. Review by Lauren Moreno / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    I bought this Lace & Trace Farm AND the Lace & Trace Pets for my almost 4-year-old. As I type, she's having a ball with the pets set. I can see hours of enjoyment coming, and I can certainly see that it's going to be a challenge for her hand-eye coordination skills -- something all kids need to develop. Speaking as an adult, I am absolutely tickled pink to have found sets of cut-outs that are made of something that's not going to bend or tear, like the ones I had when I was a kid. These cut-outs are sturdy, 1/8" thick wood. It's going to take a lot more than general wear and tear to ruin these puppies! In fact, I can even see getting them out for my grandchild(ren) to play with one day. They're that well-made. On that score, I give them a full five stars and would give more if possible. This is one heck of a durable set of cut-outs. I am very happy with the purchase and, more the point, so is my daughter! Review by V. Hartman / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    I bought this toy because I wanted to give my 3 year old something to do while I home schooling my older child. I wanted to help encourage him to develop his fine motor skills. This fit the bill. He enjoys it and so does my 6 year old. They also play with the animals individually. Review by Emily / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    I bought two sets of these for Christmas, and they are wonderful. Good quality old fashioned, keeps them occupied and helps them learn and use their little hands to learn a sewing and lacing technique. It travels with you and for a good price these will last a long time. Review by Joanne Smith / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    Lacing cards are great for improving hand to eye coordination. They give the kids a feeling of accomplishment and also calm down an agitated child. I loved them as a child and these are less flimsy than I remembered. My age 5-8 grandkids have been enjoying them. I am teaching the 8 year-old to sew and this is even helping with that. Review by M. Wilson / (Posted on 8/26/2013)