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Language Builder: Noun Picture Cards

    Language Builder: Noun Picture Cards

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    Language Builder: Noun Picture Cards

    SKU# E00731

    One of our best-sellers, the Language Builder: Noun Picture set of 350 cards is essential for teaching key language concepts to children with autism.



    An absolute essential for home and center based programs, this set was created by a parent and a therapist both personally experienced in the program needs of Applied Behavioral Analysis. This set of 350 vivid, beautifully photographed noun cards is an invaluable tool for teaching key language concepts to children with autism or other speech and language delays.

    The set includes images in nine basic categories:

    • Animals
    • Foods
    • Vehicles
    • Furniture
    • Clothing
    • Toys
    • Everyday Objects
    • Shapes
    • Colors

    Stage One is comprised of 105 cards that present two identical images on non-distracting white backgrounds. These basic cards foster matching, labeling and categorization skills.

    The remaining cards round out Stage Two, which presents the images in their natural settings, enabling children to conceptualize and generalize. In addition to fostering receptive and expressive language, these cards are also ideal for higher learning, including functions, storytelling and more. On the back of each card is an easy to use system for tracking your child’s progress, including a list of possible program uses, with the date that each is introduced and mastered.

    Each set includes 57 foods, 39 animals, 27 vehicles, 31 clothing items, 24 furniture items, 39 familiar toys, 15 basic stages sets, 13 colors with duplicates, 12 shapes with duplicates and 83 additional objects familiar to your child. Each card is 3 1/2 by 5.

    Use these cards to:

    • Teach to label receptively
    • Teach to label expressively
    • Teach categories
    • Teach functions
    SKU# E00731


    Language Builder: Noun Picture Cards Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 3.5" x 5"
    • Total of 350 cards
    • 9 basic categories

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