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Learn To Talk About ... Vehicles & Occupations

    Learn To Talk About ... Vehicles & Occupations

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    Learn To Talk About ... Vehicles & Occupations

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    Develop language and conversational skills with this set of high-quality photo flashcards of vehicles & occupations from the Learn To Talk About series. 



    An excellent series of high-quality, photo flashcards provide a wealth of teaching possibilities to develop language and conversational skills.

    Great pictures of community helpers and how they get around. Photos include an ambulance, a school bus driver, a fireman, an ice cream truck, a lifeguard and a train, along with a wide array of other occupations and vehicles. This pack includes photos of occupations and all the vehicles that are used.  The back of the card lists the functions and features of these visuals. Children with autism and those with speech delays benefit greatly from this set.

    These cards are used to teach expressive and receptive labeling, along with categories and functions. With separate instructions for both ABA and Verbal Behavior programs, each photo card features several RFFC’s on the back that are used to teach receptively, expressively and intraverbally by feature, function and class. The goal is to provide children with the language necessary to have conversations by enabling them to talk about events and objects, even when they are not present.

    Some examples included in this pack are clowns, artists, policemen and all those fun vehicles such as an ice-cream truck, helicopters, airplanes and motorcycles.

    Each set contains 40 laminated photo flashcards that are 5" x 3 1/2".

    Use these cards to:

    • Teach to label receptively
    • Teach to label expressively
    • Teach categories
    • Teach functions
    SKU# LearnToTalkVehicles


    Learn To Talk About ... Vehicles & Occupations Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 5" x 3.5"
    • Each set contains 40 cards

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