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    Math Master

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    Math Master

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    Math master is a fun-filled game that can be used to help children learn basic counting skills along with addition and subtraction. Only 1 Left



    Use this fun-filled game to learn basic counting skills, addition and subtraction, as well as gain experience in practical situations such as managing time and using money.

    Math Master helps individuals who are having difficulty assigning a quantity to a numeric symbol. Relying on stunning graphics, a game-style environment, and a built-in "math tutor" which enables children who answer incorrectly to go to the Learning Center where the concept is reviewed, this interactive CD-Rom is an extremely useful new tool.

    It works to simplify and clarify computation, reduces number reversals and reinforces number values through a unique system of dots that are in the shape of each number and also correspond to their value. By counting the dots, each number is assigned a quantity. As the child progresses through the levels, the prompt of the dots is gradually faded.

    Use this wonderful new resource to facilitate math comprehension today!

    Ultimate Learning Math Master increases your child's comprehension of math through stunning graphics and a fun-filled, game-style environment that makes the process of learning fun. Through the use of Math Master, your child will not only learn basic skills like counting adding, and subtracting, but will also gain experience with practical situations like managing time and using money. Ultimate Learning Math Master is designed to overcome a specific problem in learning math: the inability to assign a quantity to a number symbol. While many children can count 5 dots, if you asked them how much is 3 plus 2, they may not understand. Math Master overcomes this problem, while reinforcing additional fundamental principles of math.

    How Ultimate Learning Math Master Works:
    Dots are used as a prompt and are placed in the shape of each number, and the amount of dots in each number corresponds with its value. By counting the dots, users are able to assign a quantity to the number. On the first skill level, the dots are bold and the number is translucent, so the prompt is strong.

    But as the child progresses through the levels, the prompt is gradually faded, with the dots becoming lighter and the numbers bolder. In the highest level, the dots are removed completely and only the numbers remain. After repeated use, kids will still “see” the dots even when they are no longer there!

    This prompting technique is also used to teach addition and subtraction with children initially counting the dots to get the answer. As the user advances through these sections, the dots are faded, and the user will begin to recognize the intrinsic value of the mathematical expressions.

    In addition to Math Master teaching users how to tell time and count money, emphasis is also placed on practical applications such as learning value, paying with money at the cash register, managing time, and keeping a schedule.

    Ultimate Learning Math Master also comes with a built in “math tutor.” If a child does not get the correct answer, they are sent to the Learning Center, where a teacher reviews the problem and concept. The child then returns to the game for another opportunity to answer the question correctly.

    Powerful Teaching Supplement
    Ultimate Learning Math Master simplifies and clarifies all areas of computation, reduces number reversals, reinforces number values, eliminates guesswork, and helps to develop a positive self-image. This powerful teaching tool is the perfect supplement to any textbook series and also complements the manipulative approach.

    Ultimate Learning Math Master is an extremely useful tool to:

    • Accelerate math comprehension among children as early as ages 4 to 5
    • Build a firm foundation and speed up learning in Kindergarten through 3rd grade
    • Improve learning deficiencies in any regular grade-level classroom
    • Facilitate comprehension among students who have autistic spectrum disorders or have mild to severe learning disabilities
    • Support remedial math instruction in high school and adult education classes

    Who Should Use Math Master...and Where?
    Math Master was created as a fun tool for all children ages 4 through 10 to help improve their basic math skills. The software has shown incredible benefits for special needs children, anyone with severe learning disabilities, and post-stroke adults.

    Math Master is perfect for use at:

    • Individual homes
    • Pre-schools
    • Schools
    • Special needs classes
    • Government agencies involved in education and learning disabilities
    • Early intervention programs
    • Learning centers
    • Therapy programs for all ages

    System Requirements
    For Windows based Desktops:
    Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME or XP, Pentium Processor, VGA monitor 800 x 600 resolution, 32-bit color display, 520 MB hard drive, 128 MB RAM, sound card, MS DirectX 8 or higher.

    SKU# 05-20LR23841


    Math Master Specifications:

    • For Windows based Desktops
    • System Requirements: Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME or XP, Pentium Processor, VGA monitor 800 x 600 resolution, 32-bit color display, 520 MB hard drive, 128 MB RAM, sound card, MS DirectX 8 or higher.

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