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Money Skills

    Money Skills

    Money Skills

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    The latest version of Money Skills special needs software includes 5 activities that teach counting money and making change.



    Money Skills 2.1 includes 5 activities that teach counting money and making change:

    • Teaches Australian, American, Canadian, European, or British currency
    • Uses clear, realistic pictures of the money
    • Teacher can modify or replace the graphics used in the program
    • Single and dual-switch scanning options on all difficulty levels.

    Money Skills is a component of the Early Learning Suite.

    Money Skills contains the following activities:

    Coins and Bills
    Teaches counting money by denomination. Students count the money and enter the correct amount.

    • Eighteen levels of difficulty
    • Introduces each coin or bill and teaches student how to count that denomination
    • Early levels include a number key to help the student count

    Counting Money
    Students learn to count money of mixed denomination.

    • Fifteen levels of difficulty
    • Money can be presented on the screen either sorted or unsorted
    • Alternating levels teach counting of two denominations or all denominations up to the current level

    Making Change
    Students select enough money to match a given dollar amount. The student moves the correct amount of money from the left to the right using keyboard, mouse or scanning.

    • Nine levels of difficulty
    • Money can be presented on the screen either sorted or unsorted
    • Alternating levels teach single or multiple denominations

    How Much Change? (An item to purchase is presented on screen, with enough money to buy it. The student selects enough money to buy the item, then calculates the correct change.

    • Nine levels of difficulty
    • Teacher can optionally have the change calculated automatically
    • Can be set to only give bills, for teaching the "next highest bill" method

    The Marblesoft Store
    Teaches the value of money using a small store as a setting. Students take money from a piggy bank in order to purchase the items they choose. Some items cannot be chosen until the student has saved enough money.

    • Four levels of difficulty
    • Teacher selects how much money in the piggy bank and how much the student saves

    Minimum System Requirements:

    • Windows
      • Operating System: Windows XP or newer
      • CD-ROM drive
    • Macintosh
      • Operating System: OS 10.1 or newer
      • CD-ROM drive

    Money Skills is targeted at the following age ranges:

    • Mid Primary
    • Upper Primary
    • Secondary School
    • Adult

    Money Skills is designed to foster development in the areas of:

    • Life Skills

    Users can access Money Skills in the following ways:

    • Mouse/ Trackball/ Joystick
    • Keyboard
    • Single Switch
    • Multiple Switches
    • IntelliKeys
    • Touch screen
    SKU# MoneySkills


    Money Skills Specifications:

    • Requires Macintosh running MacOS 10.1 or newer
    • Requires PC running Windows XP or newer

    Additional Information

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