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Reading Focus Cards - Textured Grip

    Reading Focus Cards - Textured Grip

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    Reading Focus Cards - Textured Grip

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    Follow sentences with ease and provide some tactile stimulation as you read books, magazines or tablet computers with textured Reading Focus Cards. 



    These textured Reading Focus Cards are the perfect tool for a reader who struggles with concentrating on one sentence at a time and also needs some tactile stimulation while reading. Available in two convenient sizes, they block out just enough surrounding text to allow for better focus no matter what the user is reading. They also feature colored filters that you can use to customize the card and make your reading experience easier on your eyes.

    Perfect for traditional books, textbooks, magazines and newspapers, Reading Focus Cards can be used with e-reading devices such as Kindles, Nooks, iPads, tablets and others.

    Advantages of the Reading Focus Card:

    • Helps readers to more easily focus and read
    • Promotes better concentration and comprehension
    • Encourages accurate placeholder work
    • Promotes correct placement of test answers on scan sheets
    • Portable - easy to store in pocket or bag
    • Easy on eyes - colors to soothe or highlight
    • Great for viewing charts, graphs, lists, etc.
    • Can grip paper surface to prevent slipping or loss of place
    • Wipes off easily for easy cleaning
    • Blocks out more text than any other tool!
    • Created by an experienced teacher for her students
    • Has visual and tactile appeal for sensory issues

    Who can BENEFIT from using the Reading Focus Cards: 

    • Students at any age level 
    • Emergent readers
    • ELL or ESL students
    • Medical, law, nursing students & others
    • Seniors or readers with "visual fatigue"
    • Individuals with reading and/or learning disabilities
    • Stroke-recovery & brain-injury patients
    • Alzheimer's & Parkinson's patients
    • Occupational therapy patients
    • Readers w/ ADHD, dyslexia & other challenges (i.e., autism, low vision, etc.)
    • Other readers, too!

    The short size (3" x 5") is best for shorter lines of text as with regular-sized paperbacks, books with 2 columns of text on a page, math problems, etc. The long size (3" x 8 5/8") is best for longer lines of text with children's books, worksheets, larger volumes, printed documents or science and math equations.

    SKU# TexturedGripReadingFocusCard


    Reading Focus Cards - Textured Grip Specifications: 

    • Short Size: 3" x 5"
    • Long Size: 3" x 8 5/8"
    • No color choice

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