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Signing Time! Classroom Edition DVD

    Signing Time! Classroom Edition DVD

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    Signing Time! Classroom Edition DVD

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    Teach your group of hearing impaired children and non-verbal young learners the most critical sign language topics with the Signing Time Classroom Edition DVDs.



    The Signing Time Classroom Edition DVD is an excellent resource for any school setting where there are a group of children and young learners. The activities are geared for ages 3-9, but are useful for special needs students of all ages that are hearing impaired or utilize non-verbal communication.

    The learning DVDs are broken into teaching units. Each unit is organized around a dozen or more signs and contain fun activities for sign language practice. The music CDs contain favorite Signing Times songs and sing-along accompaniment tracks.

    Signing Time - Classroom Edition Unit Features:

    • Teacher Tips: Brief articles with useful helps and hints for using sign language in the classroom.
    • Sign Reference Guide: A handy guide with pictures and descriptions teaching how to sign the words in each unit.
    • Introducing the Signs: Fun ideas for introducing the signs in each unit.
    • Games and Activities: Activities with educational merit that provide opportunities for sign language practice. Organized by age/grade range and matched with select national standards according to McREL's Compendium of Content Standards and Benchmarks.
    • Poems and Songs: Practice each unit’s signs with simple poems and familiar tunes.
    • CD and DVD Lyrics: Sing and sign along with the Signing Time songs on CD and DVD.
    • Book List: A list of children’s books relevant to each unit's topic.
    • Flash Card Sheets: 246 black-and-white sign flash cards! Flash cards can be photocopied so each student can have their own set.
    • Supplemental Materials: A Certificate of Achievement and additional templates for certain activities are included. All are presented in crisp black-and-white for easy photocopying.
    SKU# E03086


    Signing Time - Classroom Edition Specifications:

    • Designed for ages 3-9 (PreK - 3rd Grade) - useful for students of all ages.
    • 2" binder.
    • 8 DVDs.
    • 2 music CDs.
    • 16 units of lesson material.

    Signing Time - Classroom Edition Units:

    • Unit 1:   At School.
    • Unit 2:   In My Classroom.
    • Unit 3:   Colors.
    • Unit 4:   Feelings.
    • Unit 5:   The Alphabet.
    • Unit 6:   Numbers (1-20).
    • Unit 7:   Getting Along.
    • Unit 8:   Family.
    • Unit 9:   Outside.
    • Unit 10: Seasons.
    • Unit 11: Eat & Drink.
    • Unit 12: Fruits & Vegetables.
    • Unit 13: Days of the Week.
    • Unit 14: Pets.
    • Unit 15: Farm Animals.
    • Unit 16: Zoo Animals.

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