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The Activity Trainer Home Bundle

    The Activity Trainer Home Bundle

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    The Activity Trainer Home Bundle

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    Interactive video modeling and scheduling.



    Brought to you by the trusted makers of the Discrete Trial Trainer, The Activity Trainer incorporates video modeling and scheduling to facilitate a student's learning of tasks. The interactive program is designed to improve task learning and make student's use of time more productive. You can use videos to teach tasks and then transition the student to less supportive mnemonics, such as still images and text.

    Users can control how quickly or gradually the student moves from more supportive to less supportive forms of each activity, as short portions of the videos can be played to support teaching task components or the video can be faded and transitioned to text. There is a library of activities to use as is or the program can be adapted for a particular student. Users also have the ability to create activities from scratch, collect data and view capability. Once a student has learned a specific activity, schedules can be set up to enable the student to practice or perform those activities.

    Windows Only, 2000 or XP.

    Activity Trainer Overview

    The Activity Trainer is a powerful software program that makes the research-based, effective Video Modeling teaching method practical for the classroom and home. The Activity Trainer is a versatile teaching tool that enables teachers to use videos to teach almost any targeted activity or skill - from simple to complex - and includes a library of activities with options to customize, modify, and create new activities.

    Video modeling has been shown in numerous studies to improve acquisition rates across a wide variety of tasks for individuals with autism and other learning disabilities. Unfortunately, because video modeling is a difficult process, few of our students are benefiting from this powerful teaching method. The Activity Trainer in the first tool designed specifically to make video modeling easy.

    • Research Based - Extensive research shows video modeling increases acquisition rates across a wide variety of tasks
    • Activity Library - Academic, Communication, Social, Speech, Non Verbal Imitation, Self Help, and More
    • User Library - Create your own activities
    • Data Collection - Data is collected on each run of an activity
    • Supports - Task Analysis, Transitions from Video to Images, Transition from Images to Text, Sequences, Forward and Back Chaining, and Schedules

    Current Activities

    Here are the current activities in the Skills Library. Note that some of the areas just have an activity or two to give a sample of what we are developing:

    • Academic > Basics > Coloring
      • Level 1
        • Color Star 1
        • Color Sun 1
      • Level 2
        • Color Balloons 1
        • Color Cat 1
    • Academic > Basics > Fine Motor > Copying
      • Lines
        • Copy Diagonal Lines L-R 1
        • Copy Diagonal Lines R-L 1
        • Copy Horizontal Lines 1
        • Copy Vertical Lines 1
      • Shapes
        • Copy Circles 1
        • Copy Crosses 1
        • Copy Squares 1
        • Copy Triangles 1
        • Copy Xs 1
      • Academic > Basics > Fine Motor > Hand Skills
        • Clay
          • Make Big Clay Ball 1
          • Make Clay Snake with 1 Hand
          • Make Clay Snake with 2 Hands
          • Pinch and Roll Clay Ball 1
          • Pinch and Roll Clay Balls 1
          • Pinch Clay 1
          • Squeeze Clay 1
        • Links
          • 2 Links
            • Connect 2 Links 1
          • 4 Links
            • Connect 4 Links 1
      • Academic > Basics > Fine Motor > Hand Skills > Tracing
        • Lines
          • Trace Long Vertical Lines
          • Trace Short Vertical Lines
          • Trace Wavy Vertical Lines
        • Shapes
          • Trace Assorted Circles
          • Trace Assorted Rectangles
          • Trace Assorted Shapes
          • Trace Assorted Squares
          • Trace Assorted Triangles
          • Trace Horizontal Rectangles
          • Trace Small Circles
          • Trace Small Squares
          • Trace Small Triangles
      • Academic > Basics > Sorting > Small Items > 4 Way > Grid Sheet
        • 4 Way Sort of Small Blocks 1
      • Daily Living > Chores > Vacuuming
        • Vacuum Carpet 1
      • Daily Living > Self Care > Dressing > Shoes > Tying Shoes > Tying Shoe
        • Tie Shoe 01
      • Daily Living > Self Care > Grooming > Brushing
        • Brush Long Hair - Female 1
      • Nonverbal Imitations + Actions with Objects
        • Bounce Ping-Pong Ball
        • Bounce Rubber Ball
      • Nonverbal Imitations > Gross Motor
        • Arm and Hand
          • Arms Up
          • Clap Hands
          • Touching
            • Touch Head
            • Touch Knees
            • Touch Nose
            • Touch Shoulders
            • Touch Toes
        • Whole Body
          • Sit Down
          • Stand Up
          • Turn Around
      • Recreation > Athletic > Biking > Positioning Bike Pedal
        • Position Bike Pedal 1
      • Recreation > Play > Functional > Construction > Puzzles > Jigsaws > Basic Skills
        • Find Straight Edge
        • Separate Straight Edge Pieces
      • Recreation > Play > Pretend > With Props > Toys > Cars
        • Play with toy car 1
      • Social > Conversational > Basic > Greetings > Hello
        • Initiate Hello-Hello Standing
        • Initiate Hello-Hello Walking
        • Respond to Hello-Hello Standing
        • Respond to Hello-Hello Walking
    SKU# 1314SKB01773


    The Activity Trainer Home Bundle Specifications:

  • Windows only, 2000 or XP
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