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The Great Action Adventure Software

    The Great Action Adventure Software

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    The Great Action Adventure Software

    SKU# E02881

    Add excitement to word learning activities with the exciting games and puzzles of The Great Action Adventure Software in the classroom. Only 1 Left



    Visual learners will have fun learning about verbs and related nouns with The Great Action Adventure

    The Great Action Adventure is an interactive CD-Rom which allows students to have fun learning about verbs. Students as young as two can easily play the action videos by themselves and learn the associated nouns or signs. Older children, who already know common nouns and verbs, can use a more-advanced setting to learn appropriate verb tenses.

    Because some students learn through play, and others learn better in a highly structured setting there are two separate areas on the CD - a play area and a structured teaching area. Both areas are fully customizable for each student. You have the ability to choose which words are taught, how they are presented, and how the student is reinforced and prompted.

    Skills taught include:

    • receptive noun and verb matching
    • sign language
    • word matching
    • verb tenses

    There are separate teacher and student areas. From the teacher area, you set up the program for individual students and track progress. From the student area, students can choose to play or take a quiz. Students cannot exit their area without knowing a secret key combination.

    You have complete control over what command is given, how the student is prompted, how quickly pictures are increased and which verbs are taught.
    The receptive nouns quiz is set up like the receptive verbs program.
    In the verb sight words quiz, students drag the written word to the corresponding picture.
    The noun sight word quiz is just like the verb sight word quiz.
    The verb tenses program teaches present, past and future tenses.
    The sign language quiz plays a video of a noun or verb sign.

    System Requirements for Windows:


    • Windows 95, 98, NT4, ME, 2000, XP
    • 64MB RAM
    • 30MB Disk Space
    • 166MHz Processor Speed

    System Requirements for Mac:

    • PowerMac or better
    • Mac OS 8.1 - Classic 9
    • 128MB RAM
    • 30MB Disk Space

    Great Action Adventure, The is targeted at the following age ranges:

    • Early Childhood
    • Early Primary
    • Mid Primary
    • Upper Primary

    Great Action Adventure, The is designed to foster development in the areas of:

    • Literacy
    • Communication

    Users can access Great Action Adventure, The in the following ways:

    • Mouse/ Trackball/ Joystick
    • Keyboard
    SKU# E02881


    The Great Action Adventure Software Specifications:

  • Includes 140 high quality full-motion videos of verbs and sign language
  • Includes fully-customizable play and quiz areas
  • Great for visual learners and distractible students
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