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Token Reward Board

    Token Reward Board

    Token Reward Board

    SKU# E00916
    Token Reward Boards are a party of every Applied Behavior Analysis Program.


    Token Reward Boards are a party of every Applied Behavior Analysis Program. They give teachers a positive way to reinforce good behavior and monitor success. Our lightweight, laminated Token Board is ideal for helping students stay on task and for rewarding good behavior. Once the student receives 1-5 stars, they receive a reward: a favorite activity, a toy or something to eat.

    SKU# E00916


    Token Reward Board Specifications:

  • There is a 2" box at the end of the row so that the instructor can place an image of the reward
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    We got this reward chart when we found that Time Out wasn't working for us. Our nearly 3 year old would do time out, but it wasn't changing his behavior; rewarding his positive behavior caused an immediate turn around! Firstly, I was going to make one of these reward charts, but with two kids and $9, it was better I just bought it. The "I Can Do It" chart is very simple. It's laminated and durable. The stars are plastic and stick securely to the board, which is not firm, but bendable, with a magnet attached for hanging on the refrigerator or metal surface. The set also comes with extra stars. I really love using this reward chart; it's helped us immensely, and more importantly my son *really* loves it. We place it on the mantel below the television so he can see it, and beside it we put the reward he is working toward, (you can also take a picture of the reward and put it in the little box on the chart). This gives our son a real visual image of what he needs to do to get the reward. Once we explained how the chart worked to him he was very excited to start using it, and his behavior turned around the same day. Couldn't be happier! Really recommend this product. Review by Charles / (Posted on 8/26/2013)