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Capital Letter Wood Pieces

    Capital Letter Wood Pieces

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    Capital Letter Wood Pieces

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    Learn the size, shape and position of letters with our Capital Letter Wood Pieces.


    This set includes 8 big lines, 6 little lines, 6 little curves and 6 big curves to teach children how to form the capital letters. The kit teaches readiness skills regarding size, shape and the position of letters. Refer to - Handwriting Without Tears Manual - for detailed instructions on how to use these pieces.

    Handwriting Without Tears has unique “no paper, no pencil” readiness products. They are perfect for developing skills in a playful but carefully structured way that provides a strong foundation for learning to write.

    Handwriting Without Tears created the wood pieces to teach basic size, shape, and position concepts through teacher directed play. As children imitate the teacher in sorting, stacking, rubbing, and moving the pieces, they develop visual discrimination, language, and fine motor skills as well as general school/social behavior. With basic concepts in place, children easily learn how to form letters by placing the wood pieces in the correct order and position.
    The Capital Letter Wood Pieces Set includes:
    • 8 big lines
    • 6 little lines
    • 6 big curves
    • 6 little curves

    What Are We Learning?

    Social Skills for School:
    To work together, to share, to trade, to pay attention, and to imitate the teacher.

    Tactile Discrimination:
    To feel the differences in sizes and shapes.

    Visual Skills:
    To recognize same and different, BIG LINE, little line, BIG CURVE, little curve.

    Figure-Ground Discrimination:
    To see the piece (figure) you want within the mix the pieces (ground).

    BIG LINE, little line, BIG CURVE, little curve.

    Bilateral Hand Skills:
    Using one hand to hold, another to polish

    SKU# E00955


    Capital Letter Wood Pieces Specifications:

  • This set includes 8 big lines, 6 little lines, 6 little curves and 6 big curves
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