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Adolescent Thera-Wedge System

    Adolescent Thera-Wedge System

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    Adolescent Thera-Wedge System

    SKU# T01210

    Includes two wrap straps for added flexibility in proper positioning. Movable straps support the child gently yet firmly, when and where needed to ensure the most comfortable position. 




    Provides dynamic therapy and proper positioning. Specially designed for adolescents and small adults, this system consists of two wedges contoured on one side and flat on the other. Use together to help break extensor patterns and relax clients into a flexion pattern. Provides proper prone and supine positioning, whether used alone or together.

    Complete system includes one double-sided 17" contoured wedge with ankle dropoff, one double-sided 12" contoured wedge, two wrap straps and one abductor module.

    SKU# T01210


    Adolescent Thera-Wedge System Specifications:

    Two large multiple purpose Tumble Form wedges comprise the Thera-Wedge System designed for early teens and young adults 13-18 years of age. Both wedges can be used individually, or they nest together for the purpose of enhancing treatment. Each wedge has a conventional flat surface on one side. Flip each wedge and a contoured pre-molded recessed area will conform to the body and assist in good positioning.

    Position the child in the 12" high pre-molded wedge for relaxed and supported positioning as it conforms to the shape of the body. Add the large wedge under the legs and this encourages knee flexion. The Large 17" wedge can be inverted for a client needing more support than provided by flat surfaced wedges. Pre-molded side walls will provide good lateral support, and the double tiered surface encourages hip extension.

    Wedges used together can help break extensor patterns and relax clients into a flexion pattern. Thera-Wedge System encourages different degrees of head control as well as providing a variety of arm usage. Wedge activity combinations are numerous and limited only by your creativity in prone and supine positioning.

    Thera-Wedge System Includes one double-sided 17" high contoured wedge with ankle drop-off; one double-sided 12" high contoured wedge; two wrap straps, and one abductor module.

    Latex free. No color choice.


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