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Bouncy Bands for Specialty Chairs (Hinged Pipes and Standard Pipes)

    Bouncy Bands for Specialty Chairs (Hinged Pipes and Standard Pipes)

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    Bouncy Bands for Specialty Chairs (Hinged Pipes and Standard Pipes)

    SKU# E16302
    Help students release extra energy, anxiety, and frustration with Bouncy Bands for Specialty Chairs. A great quiet solution for students whose feet need to move without distracting others in the classroom.

  • Free of latex
  • Perfect for those with anxiety
  • Promotes productivity for active students

  • Description


    Bouncy bands for Specialty Chairs are designed to fit chairs that have legs that do not allow the band and support pipes to simply slide up from the floor installation.Similar to the other Bouncy Bands for Chairs, these help students who sit at tables bounce their feet while they work as a way to help them release their extra energy, anxiety, and frustration while they work quietly in their seat. This set includes a heavy-duty band that must be installed with special rope clamps and hinged support pipes. Installation is usually about 5 minutes per chair. The band is latex-free and it comes with 2 support pipes lock around the chair leg for secure installation and it keeps the band from sliding down the chair legs when being used. Made in the USA.

    Installation Directions: This style installs as easy 1-2-3. First, slide the band into place. Second, hold the support pipe with the groove on the top and close it into place around the chair legs. Be sure that the tabs line up with the slots of the support pipe so the tab doesn't break off. Once locked into place, it is not designed to re-open. Third, slide the band down over the top of each support pipe to rest into the groove in position.

    SKU# E16302


    Bouncy Bands for Specialty Chairs (Hinged pipes and Standard band) Specifications

    • Set includes a heavy-duty band
    • Installation is 5 minutes per chair
    • Free of latex
    • Comes with 2 support pipes
    • Colors: Blue or Black
    • Made in the USA

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