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    E-Z-ON MAX Vest

    E-Z-ON MAX Vest

    SKU# EZONMaxVest

    Keep your most clever escape artist safe and secure in their seat with the E-Z-ON MAX Vest. Ships in 1-2 weeks.



    Introducing the "Houdini proof" MAX Vest, the best choice for keeping your most clever escape artist safe and secure in a vehicle with a captain chair or in a school bus.

    Some kids can get out of whatever you put on them. They are amazing escape artists who can distract the bus driver, disrupt the other passengers and put themselves and others in danger by being unrestrained while the vehicle is moving. The E-Z-On MAX Vest features its own specialized tether, an easy locking seat buckle, adjustable zipper fitting in the back and a below seat safety hook to help keep your child in their seat until they reach their destination.

    The MAX was tested with extreme conditions and far exceeds any expectation for performance. Try the MAX and see why it’s the product that Head Start, Special Needs and the School Transportation Industry has been asking for.

    NOTE: The E-Z-On MAX Vest is for SCHOOL BUS USE OR VEHICLES WITH A CAPTAIN CHAIR ONLY. If you're looking for something to use in a family vehicle, try the E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest for Family Vehicles.

    SKU# EZONMaxVest


    E-Z-ON MAX Vest Sizing Chart Specifications:

     XX-Small  19"-23"
     Small  25"-30"
     Medium  32"-37"
     Large  37"-42"

    Additional Information

    Instructions on the E-Z-ON MAX Vest.pdf

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can the E-Z-ON MAX Vest be used in any vehicle?
    The E-Z-ON MAX Vest can only be used on vehicles that have a captain chair seat installed. Also the E-Z-ON MAX Vest can be used on any school bus.
    My child is smaller or larger than the sizes provided. Can custom vests be made?
    Absolutely. We can have a custom vest made for children or adults that are over or under our standard sizes. We can do modifications for conjoined twins, infants to travel in the supine positions, those with g-tubes and many, many more. You may also have the crotch straps, wrist restraints and upper arm restraints sewn onto the vest. If you would like any of these modifications done please call us for a quote at 877-664-4565.
    Have the vests been safety tested in Canada?
    No, E-Z-ON products have only been safety tested in the United States.


    Watch a video demonstration of the E-Z-ON Max Vest:

    Watch this handy measurement guide: