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EZ-ON Modified M203 Mini-Push Button Vest

    EZ-ON Modified M203 Mini-Push Button Vest


    EZ-ON Modified M203 Mini-Push Button Vest

    SKU# E10387

    Safely secure small children in a prone or supine position during car travel with the EZ-ON Modified M203 Mini-Push Button Vest.

    Looking for an unmodified push button version? Call our Customer Service Department at 1-877-664-4565 to order for both family automobile or school bus use.



    Much like the EZ-ON Modified 101M2 Vest for bigger kids, the E-Z-ON Modified M203 Mini-Push Button Vest secures small children between the ages of 12 months and 5 years in a prone or supine position in a family vehicle. This vest features lightweight mini-push buttons made especially for smaller passengers, crotch straps and an extremity belt for securing casted or uncasted legs. In addition, the vest's shoulder adjusters allow the vest to grow with the child and adjust for seasonal clothing.

    Prescribed by medical professionals the E-Z-ON Modified Vest is designed to safely transport children with physical disabilities in a prone or supine position. Conditions such as a spinal injury, body cast, long leg cast or a hip spica require a child to lie down when riding in a vehicle. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the E-Z-ON Modified Vests in a policy statement on “Transporting Children with Special Health Care Needs” (Vol.104 No.4, 11/99 pp.988-992).

    How It Works

    For full instructions on using the E-Z-ON Modified M203 Mini-Push Button Vest, please download this guide.

    Need sizing help? Download the EZ-ON Sizing Guide for help!

    To secure, simply use your vehicle’s rear seat belts. Lap and shoulder belts may use a locking clip to lock the lap-portion of the belt. Place pillows for comfort and protection in case of a crash. Complete, detailed
    instructions are included with each E-Z-ON® Modified Vest.

    Fasten the buckles on the vest and be sure the vest fits the child snugly. Lay the child on the seat and thread two rear vehicle seat belts (children under 30” use one belt) through the sides of the vest and the leg belt.

    Shoulder adjusters allow the vest to grow with the child. The extremity belt secures casted or uncasted legs.

    Now a child can nap comfortably in the car, and parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child is safely secured to the vehicle’s seat belts.

    SKU# E10387


    EZ-ON Modified M203 Mini-Push Button Vest Specifications:

    • Made for most children from 12 months to 5 years old
    • Fits children weighing 20-65 lbs with waist/chest circumference of 19-23 inches
    • Transport supine or prone
    • Complete details and instruction are included
    • Smaller children under 30″ do not require two vehicle belts
    • Dynamically crash tested to meet FMVSS213
    • Custom made vests are available
    • Passenger's head and feet MUST be a minimum of 6 inches from the vehicle door or sidewall


    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    My child is smaller or larger than the sizes provided. Can custom vests be made?
    Absolutely. We can have a custom vest made for children or adults that are over or under our standard sizes. We can do modifications for conjoined twins, infants to travel in the supine positions, those with g-tubes and many, many more. You may also have the crotch straps, wrist restraints and upper arm restraints sewn onto the vest. If you would like any of these modifications done please call us for a quote at 877-664-4565.
    Have the vests been safety tested in Canada?
    No, E-Z-ON products have only been safety tested in the United States.