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Kaye Bolster Chairs

    Kaye Bolster Chairs

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    Kaye Bolster Chairs

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    Designed for children who need a wide base of support in order to achieve good pelvic position, lower extremity position, and trunk alignment for stable sitting.



    The KAYE Bolster Chairs are most appropriate for spastic or athetoid children who need hip flexion with abduction to achieve their best pelvic and trunk alignment for sitting. This posture helps bring the arms and hands forward for function. It also decreases hip and knee extension, a more vertical pelvis, and an approximation of the normal spinal curves. In addition, by adding lateral pelvic supports, a firm back, and foot supports, the seat aids symmetry and alignment without the necessity of discouraging restraints.

    The KAYE Bolster Chairs are an excellent seating alternative for children who normally sit with their legs under them in "W" fashion. Prolonged sitting in a "W" position may lead to internal rotation and adduction of the hips and will limit the child's ability to move into and out of sitting. The KAYE Bolster Chairs maintain hip flexion and abduction with external rotation, a position that promotes movement in sitting.

    The Chest Support System, which attaches to the tray, controls forward and lateral flexion of the trunk as the child leans forward to use their hands.

    Two sizes are available. Each is highly adjustable and available with:

    • Bolster chair and base
    • Tray
    • Back extension
    • Footstraps
    • Side supports
    • 2" belt
    • Optional casters
    • Optional tray with chest-support cushions

    KAYE Bolster Chairs: (left) the smaller chair with casters; (right) is the larger chair with the casters, tray and chest support system. Trays, back supports and foot supports are standard on all chairs.

    SKU# KayeBolsterChairs


    Kaye Bolster Chairs Specifications:

    Size Small Large
    Basic Chair E02154 E02155
    User Age/Size 2-6 yrs/Up to 42"/55 lbs.
    5-11 yrs/Up to 48"/100 lbs.
    Bolster Size 15" long x 8" dia. 23" long x 10" dia.
    Height from Floor to Seat Adusts 7" to 13" Adusts 9" to 17-1/2"
    Back Height 7" above seat 10" above seat
    Back Extension Height Adds 8" to back height Adds 11" to back height
    Lateral Pelvic Supports Adusts 4-1/2" to 6-1/2" between cushions Adusts 5-1/2" to 10" between cushions
    Tray Dimensions (see image)

    a. 12"
    b. 23-1/2"
    c. 25"
    d. Adjusts 8" to 10-1/2"

    a. 12-1/4"
    b. 29-1/2"
    c. 25"
    d. Adjusts 8" to 11"

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