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Leckey KIT Seating System

    Leckey KIT Seating System

    Leckey KIT Seating System

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    Meet the demands of complex postural special needs users and provide increased function and independence with the adaptive Leckey KIT seating system.

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    The Leckey KIT is a highly adaptive modular seating system for teens and adults with moderate to complex postural special needs and who spend a great deal of time in their seating system. With its innovative pelvic cradle, three-part backrest with ball and socket joints, and multi-positional leg guides and footplates, this adaptive equipment gives clinicians and therapists the tools to meet the requirements of the most complex users.

    Standard equipment includes: seat base that grows with the user, adjustable back, two sizes, width and depth adjustable leg guides, seating shell adapter, and adapter for armrests and headrests. In addition, the Leckey Kit offers a wide range of accessories to meet the individual's posture, comfort, function and independence needs.

    Leckey Kit Seating System Features:                              

    • Removable covers can be machine washed and tumble dried.
    • The Kit backrest is made of individual components for shoulder, thoracic and sacral support. Two options for each section offers a wide range of configurations and the multi-adjustable ball and socket joints offer an excellent range of adjustability.
    • A choice of standard and complex laterals give clinicians the tools to support the most complex postures .
    • The innovative Pelvic Cradle (patent pending) wraps around the buttocks and posterior of the pelvis for optimum proximal positioning.
    • Multi-positional leg guides can securely accommodate a wide range of lower limb positions, including up to 20˚ of wind sweeping.
    • Flip-up foot supports can be individually adjusted using the multi-adjustable ball and socket joints and can be positioned to accommodate tight hamstrings.
    • KIT’s unique design is focused on the specific needs of teens and young adults who have more complex postures, and who spend the greater amount of their time in their seating system.
    SKU# E08033leckeykit


    Leckey Kit Seating System Specifications:

      Size 1 Size 2
    Age 12 - 18 years 16 - adult
    Body Height 55.1" - 65"
    (140-165 cm)
    63" - 72.8"
    (160-185 cm)
    Max User Weight 165 lbs. (75 kg) 165 lbs. (75 kg)
    Seat Depth 14.2" - 18.9"
    (36-48 cm)
    16.1" - 22"
    (41-56 cm)
    Max Windswept Deformity Compensation 20° 20°
    Max Seat Width (w/o Side Panels) 16.9" (43 cm) 16.9" (43 cm)
    Seat Width (w/ Hip Supports) 8.5" - 14.6"
    (21.5-37 cm)
    8.5" - 14.6"
    (21.5-37 cm)
    Back Rest Height 19.7" - 24.4"
    (50-62 cm)
    22" - 26.6"
    (56-67.5 cm)
    Shoulder Width 7.5" - 19.7"
    (19-50 cm)
    10.2" - 23.6"
    (26-60 cm)
    Chest Width 9.1" - 15"
    (23-38 cm)
    9.1" - 15"
    (23-38 cm)
    Back Rest Angle 90° to 120° 90° to 120°
    Seat Height to Footplate 13" - 20.1"
    (33-51 cm)
    13" - 20.1"
    (33-51 cm)
    Armrest Height 6.5" - 10.4"
    (16.5-26.5 cm)
    7.5" - 11.4"
    (19-29 cm)
    Seat Weight 45.1 lbs. (20.5 kg) 45.1 lbs. (20.5 kg)

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