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Kimba Neo Mobility Base with Kozi Seating System

    Kimba Neo Mobility Base with Kozi Seating System

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    Kimba Neo Mobility Base with Kozi Seating System

    SKU# SKU4094

    Combine functionality, simplicity, optimal assistance and sleek non-clinical design with the Kimba Neo Mobility Base and Kozi Seating System. Ships in 1-2 weeks.

    Choose additional bases to fit your Kimba Kozi Seating System.

    Kimba Kozi Seating Shell includes Seat Base, Seat Back, Back Recline, and Hip Guides.

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    The Kimba® Neo Mobility Base combines maximum functionality, simplicity of use, optimal assistance for therapy and mainstream, non-clinical appearance  Combined with one of Kimba's diverse seating systems, it creates the ultimate experience in mobility for both the user and caregiver.

    The Kimba® Neo Mobility Base's folding frame is made of high-grade aluminum that makes it easy to transport from place to place. It features:

    • Ergonomic adjustable push bar with soft touch handles and ratchet joints
    • Wide grip handles for quick one-step folding
    • Tilt adjustment knob can be placed on side of stroller base, accommodating different seating systems
    • Suspension adjusts easily to absorb shock through the base not the seat, dampening impact for user
    • Tilt lock mechanism for individual settings and safety
    • Rear wheel lock engages by simply stepping downward on the brake mechanism
    • Front caster swivel locks dis/engages by sliding inward or outward
    • A convenient folding storage bag
    • Available in two frame colors – black & silver

    This Kimba® Neo Mobility Base comes complete with the Kimba® Kozi Seating Unit. The Kozi features an incredible range of adjustability and assistive support necessary to satisify the needs of both the user and their caretaker. Nearly every facet of the seat is continuously adjustable, from the seat's width, depth, height and lower leg length to its back and knee angle, inclination and tilt (up to 30°). It also features:

    • Quick-release mechanism to remove the seat/position the seat in/against the direction of travel
    • Adjust back angle by turning wide grip knob located on lower portion of the seat.
    • Optional headrest offers continuous height and width settings.
    • Thoracic pads that keeps the trunk stable, encourage arm motor activity and offer continuous height and width adjustment.
    • Hip guides that keeps the pelvis and trunk stable, provide height and width adjustment.
    • Adjustable abductor guide for thighs available in three sizes.
    • An angle-adjustable footplate that offers lower leg length setting and can be flipped up easily during transportation.
    • Covers and padding washable.
    • Available in two frame colors - black & silver.
    SKU# SKU4094


    Kimba Neo Mobility Base with Kozi Seating System Specifications

    Kimba Neo Mobility Base

    text Size 1
    Size 2
     Overall Width  23.5"  27.5"
     Front Wheel Diameter (caster)  6.5"  6.5"
     Front Wheel Diameter (fixed version)  11"  11"
     Rear Wheel Diameter  11"  11"
     Push Handle Height (Min / Max)  28" / 45.5"  28" / 45.5"
     Seat Tilt (Min / Max)  -35° / +10° or -10° / +35°  -35° / +10° or -10° / +35°
     Max Load Capacity  121 lbs  121 lbs
     Max Load Capacity of basket  15 lbs  15 lbs
     Weight of Mobility Base  23 lbs  23 lbs
     Folding Size without Seat  31" x 23.5" x 18"  31" x 26" x 18.5"
     Min. Folding Size  + Seat Facing Forward, Seat Tilt 10° to rear, back angle 100°  35.5" x 23.5" x 21"  38" x 26.5" x 23.5"

    Kimba Kozi Seating Unit

      Size 1
    Size 2
     Seat Width  8" - 12"  10.25" - 14"
     Seat Depth  7.5" - 12.25"  9.5" - 15.75"
     Backrest Height  16" - 24"  22" - 27.5"
     Backrest Angle  80°-180°  80°-180°
     Height of shoulder strap slots (min/max)  12" / 17.75"  12" / 17.75"
     Width of shoulder strap slots  2"  2"
     Lower Leg Length  7.5"-12.25"  8"-14.5"
     Maximum Load Capacity  88 lbs  88 lbs
     Maximum Load Capacity for Use in a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle  59.5 lbs  88 lbs
     Weight of Seating Unit  15 lbs  19 lbs
     Folding Size with Lateral Supports  23" x 14.5" x 16.5"  19.25" x 17" x 23"

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