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The Updown Chair

    The Updown Chair

    The Updown Chair

    SKU# E01943

    Made for children from 5 to 14 years old, the Up Down Chair combines optimal positioning and sitting comfort with the ability to be elevated to just the right position for floor or table top activities. Unavailable per manufacturer until early March 2019.



    A child's eye view of the world changes continually. They see things from different perspectives whether playing at floor level with their toys, working at their school desk in a classroom, or sitting at the dinner table with their family. Furniture should adapt to the child's world and the Up Down Chair was designed to do just that.
    Made for children from 5 to 14 years old (43" to 63" in height), the Up Down Chair combines optimal positioning and sitting comfort with ease of adjustment. Changing the seat height from 12" to 26" from the floor can be done quickly and safely with our exclusive foot lever action which use a pneumatic cylinder assist. Children can be elevated to just the right position for floor or table top activities.
    An easily adaptable and adjustable chair made for children who need to be elevated and angled to just the right position. The Updown Chair is perfect for tailoring the child’s position around the activity at hand, whether it is on the floor or on a tabletop. The height of the Updown Chair can quickly and safely be changed anywhere from 12” to 26” by a foot-lever activation.
    Other features such as a push button tilt-in-space seat, height adjustable arm rests, and optional hip stabilization supports make the Up Down Chair the perfect seating system for home, school or therapy center.  

    Updown Features Include:

    • Seat height adjustment of 12" to 27" with foot lever activation 
    • The chair frame, constucted of tubular steel, will support a child up to 125 lbs
    • Four dual lock castors (3" Diameter) secure both the wheel and swivel
    • The colorful upholstered seat has a durable wipe clean fabric cover and washable trunk support
    • The segmented seat back (Height 30") allows the trunk support and the shoulder straps to be placed at just the right position on the child
    • With the push of a button, the tilt-in-space seat can angle from 0 to 25 degrees
    • The seat depth is adjustable from 9" to 16" (Seat width is 16.5")
    • Includes a scratch resistant melamine tray that is height adjustable. (Tray dimensions are 19" x 27") 
    • An adjustable foot support and height adjustable armrests are included
    • To keep a child securely positioned in midline the chair has optional hip stabilization supports that attach laterally to the seat back
    • For children 5 to 14 years old (43” to 63” tall).
    • Optional head and lateral supports are available

    The Updown Chair also has a segmented seat back to allow trunk support and shoulder straps to be placed at the correct position for the child. The sturdy tubular frame is made of steel and can support up to 150 pounds. Four dual lock casters (3” diameter) included for secure and convenient mobility. Upholstered seat is durable and easily wipes clean.

    SKU# E01943


    The Updown Chair Specifications:

    The Updown Chair Size
    Seat depth 9" - 16"
    Seat back height 30"
    Seat width 16"
    Seat height from floor 12" - 26"
    Footplate dimensions 8" x 14"
    Seat to footplate 10" - 16"
    Tilt-in-space angle 0 - 25°
    Weight of chair 90 lbs.
    Weight capacity 150 lbs.
    Wheel diameter 3"
    Seat base

    29" x 35"


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    Good Product!
    Our pediatric clinic recently purchased one of the Up Down chairs for some of our kids here and it really well designed. We have a range of children from 4 years to 18 years old and this chair fits all the kids who require it use. Certain activities require the therapist to stand with the child for a while doing hand over hand activities. Makes it convenient to not bend over when doing this. It is expensive but it had the most features and fit the broadest range of children. Good investment. Thanks to customer service for all their help. They showed us several models and really worked with us on our budget. Great job! Review by Ashley, OSU Rehab Center / (Posted on 8/26/2013)