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ThevoTwist Seating System with Hi-Low Indoor Base

    ThevoTwist Seating System with Hi-Low Indoor Base

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    ThevoTwist Seating System with Hi-Low Indoor Base

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    Thomashilfen ThevoTwist Seating System with Indoor Hi-Low Base offers a great solution for an indoor mobility base with a tilt-in-space seating system.

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    Thomashilfen ThevoTwist Seating System with Indoor Hi-Low Base offers a great solution for an indoor mobility base.  The Q-Chassis mobile base is a comfortable indoor base that offers easy height and seat tilt-in-space adjustment with gas spring (foot engaged). 4 swivelling castors (2 lockable) allow the caregiver to easily move the base with seat from room to room.
    The Thomashilfen ThevoTwist Seating System with Indoor Hi-Low Base allows the caregiver to easily adjust the seat height easily. Both the tilt-in-space and hi-low features are controlled by a foot pedal assist that lets you adjust your child’s seat-to-floor height (11" - 28") easily to accommodate various table-top heights. The tilt-in-space allows for a 145° recline.
    The Thomashilfen ThevoTwist Seating System incorporates Mis Micro-Stimulation® technology and the patented BSS (Balance Safety System). that lets children feel stable and experience dynamic response to their own movement.  The Thomashilfen ThevoTwist Seating System recline mechanism maintains the supporting accessories right where your child needs them without shear.
    Thomashilfen ThevoTwist Seating System with Indoor Hi-Low Base Features:
    • Individual body adapted
    • Integrated seat/back
    • 145° recline
    • Growth adjustable
    • Solid seat provides a firm base for stable posture
    • Very comfortable seating and breathable upholstery
    • Lightweight aluminum frame folds and stows away easily and quickly
    • Articulated footrest height adjustable
    • Ventilated/washable upholstery
    • Front/rear facing seat
    • Q-chassis – hi-low indoor base/feeder/therapy frame,
    • Height/tilt adjustable
    • Pedal controlled gas spring
    • Fixed knee and hip pivot points optimize ergonomic adjustments
    • Tilt-in-space
    • Seat fits onto different frames
    • Easy seat adjustment
    • Reflective trim on the upholstery
    • Quickly attach, remove, and reverse the seat with EASyS Click-Fix System

    MiS Micro-Stimulation®
    Essentially, the active principle of Micro-Stimulation® is based on the theoretical basics of the Basal Stimulation and the Kinesthesia. Micro-Stimulation®-Systems preserve and promote the patients' own mobility and perception due to the feedback of the system, which consists of a special wing suspension that moves with the patient. This feedback promotes the preservation of the body image and therefore, ensures the patients' own mobility.

    Thevo - the mobility seat:
    You no longer have to choose between stability vs. movement in a seating system. The child sits on a stable base and is supported in their posture while still being able to move. Children need both stability and movement for their development.

    The Thevo seat guides and supports the child’s upper part of the body and still allows for movement. The system transfers every slightest movement into micro size counter movements. Thus, the child receives better feedback and the sensation of his or her own movements is improved.
    MiS Micro-Stimulation® improves the child's perception of his or her back. Thus, blood circulation and movement is better maintained and immobility is significantly reduced.

    BSS® - Balance Safety System
    Most accidents with strollers lead to head injuries!
    BSS® (Balance Safety System) significantly reduces the risk of the stroller tipping over.
    Often the child's security is jeopardized because of the risk of a stroller tipping over. EASyS with BSS® (Balance Safety System) combines the optimum adjustment possibilities of a seating system with the maximum safety of a rehab stroller. The seat unit automatically slides forward when reclining the backrest which shifts the center of gravity to a tip resistant position. No matter which position you choose: resting or face-to-face: Thanks to the safe and patented BSS® with its unique sliding mechanism, ThevoTwist is among the safest rehab strollers available.
    SKU# SKU2701


    ThevoTwist Seating System with Hi-Low Indoor Base Specifications:

      Size 1 Size 2

    Seat Width

    7¼" - 12¼" 9¾" - 14¼"

    Seat Depth

    7¼" - 12" 10¾" - 15"
    Max Seat Height 49" 60"
    Lower Leg 6¾" - 12" 10" - 14¼"
    Seat to Head 18¼" - 26¾" 25¼" - 30¾"
    Hip Angle 90° - 133° 90° - 145°
    Max Seat Tilt 45° 40°
    Floor to Handle 27" - 46" 31" - 48"
    Floor to Seat 19" 21"
    Max Width 24" 27"
    Folded Dimensions (LxH) 35" x 20" 39" x 20"
    Wheels 7½" solid front, 10 solid rear 7½" solid front, 10 solid rear
    Unit Weight 36 lbs. 42 lbs.
    Weight Capacity 77 lbs. 88 lbs.
    Stroller Base    
    Max. Seat Tilt 35° 35°
    Floor to Seat 11" - 38" 11" - 38"
    Seat Direction front facing front facing

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