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Adaptive Star Axiom Improv 2 Special Needs Stroller

    Adaptive Star Axiom Improv 2 Special Needs Stroller

    Adaptive Star Axiom Improv 2 Special Needs Stroller

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    SKU# E01212

    The Axiom 2 Improv Indoor/Outdoor Mobility Push Chair will take you where no other ability pushchair can follow! Designed for use as an indoor or outdoor mobility system, this all-terrain pushchair easily glides through grass, gravel, over curbs, and sand.



    The Axiom Improv 2 Indoor/Outdoor Mobility Push Chair will take you where no other ability pushchair can follow!  Designed for use as an indoor or outdoor mobility system, this all-terrain pushchair easily glides through grass, gravel, over curbs, and sand.  It comes with the traditional fixed front wheel for the adventurous travel. The fully adjustable sun canopy shields from any angle and the sophisticated harness system aids with positioning.


    • Light weight steel framed unit with a aluminum upper handle assembly
    • 16” quick release mag wheels
    • Hand brake with parking button
    • Spring loaded rear foot brake
    • Safety wrist strap
    • Height adjustable handle
    • Recessed footrest with side boards and feet straps
    • Compact single action fold
    • 1000 Denier Phthalate free Polyester Fabric
    • Reflective trim
    • Inside the seat pockets
    • Seating area is lined with breathable wicking fabric
    • Adjustable 5-point harness
    • Reclining seat adjustable to a 30 degree recline
    • Behind the seat storage pocket with zipper closure and key clip
    • Firmness support in seat back and bottom both removable
    • Seat is removable and machine washable
    • Under the seat basket removable and machine washable
    • Rotating Sun Canopy with view port window
    • Weight capacity of 150 pounds
    • Cargo capacity of 5 pounds
    • 5 year frame warranty
    • 1 year soft goods warranty
    • Available in two colors (Red or Navy)
    SKU# E01212


    Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Special Needs Stroller Specifications

    Size Axiom Improv 1.5
    Improv 2
    Improv 3
    Assembled (LxWxH) 60"x24"x44” 63½"x24"x46" 63½"x27"x48"
    Folded w/ Wheels (LxWxH) 48"x24"x19” 51½"x24"x19” 51½"x27"x19"
    Folded w/o Wheels (LxWxH) 40"x19¼"x12” 43½"x19¼"x12¼" 43½"x22"x12¼"
    Stroller Weight 28 lbs.

    33 lbs.

    35 lbs.
    Weight Capacity 100 lbs.

    150 lbs.

    200 lbs.
    Seat Width 15” 15" 18”
    Seat Back Height 28” 28” 31”
    Seat Depth 12" 15” 15”
    Lower Leg Length 16" 17" 17”
    Seat Reclines 30° 30° 30°
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I choose if the Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Stroller is the right for me?
    The Axiom Improv stroller features a reclining seat back. The stroller seat base has a fixed 15° angle which help keep the rider’s pelvis towards the back of the seat. The seat to back  reclines back from 30° - 45° allowing the rider to rest or take a nap in the stroller comfortably. When the seat back is in its upright position, the rider has can see everything in front of them.  The reclining seat back provides increased comfort and support for children, older teens and adults who lack upper body strength and trunk control. In addition, there is an array of positioning options helps you achieve the ideal support for your child, and the patented design provides maximum comfort and durability.

    My child is autistic and does not need a stroller with a lot of support needs or that looks like a wheelchair, which special needs stroller is best?
    The Axiom Improv adaptive stroller is an ideal choice for riders with autism.  Many children with autism do not require positioning support.  The 5-point harness helps keep the child in place when they tire and helps prevent them from eloping. In addition, the side panels on the stroller seat help create a “cocoon” effect when used with the sun canopy which is ideal for children with sensory or auditory issues.
    What is the user cannot sit up on their own and has poor trunk control?
    For the user who needs upper body positioning, a shoulder harness or lateral supports may be needed provide the user with better trunk positioning. The Axiom Improv comes standard with a 5-point harness.  In additional, there also options for removable lateral support (pair), removable hip abductor, and removable seat abductor.
    I need an Axiom Improv stroller but I am short in overall height.  Will I be able to see over stroller to steer it?
    The Axiom Improv strollers have an overall height of 44" (Axiom 1.5), 46" (Axiom 2), and 48" (Axiom 3). If you are petite and the overall height will not work for you, custom modifications can be made to the stroller to shorten the overall height of the unit. Contact one of our product specialists at 877-664-4565 for more details.
    Does the Adaptive Star Improv have a shoulder harness?
    Yes, the Adaptive Star Axiom Improv stroller comes standard with a padded shoulder harness with a 3-point positioning belt with depth adjustable crotch strap, creating a 5-point safety harness.
    Can I order a sun canopy for the Axiom Improv Stroller?
    Actually the Axiom stroller comes standard with a retractable sunshade. There is an option for a rain cover to help keep your rider dry if it starts to rain.
    Is the Axiom Improv Stroller available in a transit model for use on a school bus?
    No, the Axiom Improv has not been designed to meet WC19 Wheelchair Safety and cannot be used on a bus or van with the occupant in the seat.
    How do I determine which size stroller to purchase?
    Refer to our Sizing Chart under the Specifications tab. You will need to focus on the seat depth, seat width, seat back height, seat to footrest, and weight capacity. The user's thighs should be slightly spread apart. The proper seat width measurement is decided by taking the widest point between the hips and the knees when sitting comfortably and adding about 1 to 2 inches for comfort and growth. For help with measuring and fitting the user, use our Measurement Chart or contact one of our seating specialists at 877-664-4565.
    Can I roller blade with my Axiom Improv stroller?
    We do not recommend this, it is too easy to lose control and cause possible harm to your rider and yourself.
    Is the fabric on the Axiom Improv stroller washable?
    Yes, the seat, canopy and basket are all removable and machine washable in cold water with mild detergent. Place back on your stroller to dry. Be sure to remove all seat panels before washing and replace when finished.
    If I have the user’s overall height or weight, will that be enough in determining the correct size?
    No. And the reason for this is that every user is built differently, it is always best to refer to the Sizing Chart on the Specifications tab. For example, if you have a user who is tall and skinny and doesn’t weigh much, they may still need to be in a larger chair due to their overall length. This is why we recommend completing the Measurement Chart and reviewing those measurements against the Sizing Chart. This will also help in selecting a stroller that will allow for growing room as well.
    Fitting Guide
    Adaptive Star’s adaptive strollers are designed to be more than just a convenient mobility pushchair. Order the correct size pushchair by first determining the user’s height, weight and seating measurements. Properly-fitted, Adaptive Star’s mobility push chairs will provide years of comfortable use. As your child grows, refer back to this Fitting Guide to adjust the dimensions of the chair.
    Correct seating and positioning encourages good posture, which in turn aids circulation, breathing and digestion. Please take the time to properly adjust the chair to fit the user. If the user is not correctly positioned, check the accessories section of this manual to see if one or more of our accessories would help to facilitate posture or consult your physical therapist. Improper seating can create problems with posture. Please consult your child’s physical therapist or doctor for additional guidance.

    How do I fold up the Axiom Improv stroller?
    The Axiom Improv features a quick-fold lever on the side of the stroller.

    1. Apply the foot brake to prevent the stroller from rolling.
    2. Squeeze the quick-fold lever causing the stroller to collapse in half.
    3. Fold the stroller on top it itself.
    4. The stroller can be folded up with our without the wheels on.  Removing the quick release wheels allows the stroller the fold even more compactly.
    What is the warranty on the Adaptive Start Axiom Improv Stroller?
    The Axiom Improve comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage caused by accident or misuse.
    • Frames - 5 years
    • Fabric and webbing - 1 year 
    • Other components - 1 year

    Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

    Room to Grow/Sturdy
    My kid is long and 70lbs. This stroller is the best. It has survived soccer fields, gravel, curbs, etc. And has definitely gotten us out as a Family. The 2 is too big to use inside tight spaces, like shopping, in my opinion. I have had this stroller for 3 yrs now and it is doing great, with still more room to grow. Comes with a heavy price tag, but getting my money out of it. Review by Ahus Warrior / (Posted on 2/11/2018)
    We LOVE the stroller - can't wait until we can get outside and really get walking.. Thank you for finding a manufacturer who looks outside the box and makes things availbale for those indviduals and families who still want to be active. Thanks. Review by Sharon / (Posted on 8/26/2013)