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Kimba Cross Mobility Stroller with Leckey Mygo Seat

    Kimba Cross Mobility Stroller with Leckey Mygo Seat

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    Kimba Cross Mobility Stroller with Leckey Mygo Seat

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    Choose the best pediatric positioning all-terrain stroller for all of your daily activities with the Leckey Mygo Seating System and Kimba Cross Mobility Base.

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    The Leckey Mygo Seating System is the most innovative modular mobility seating for children to teens with special needs. It's ground-breaking design is the culmination of over 25 years of experience  working with parents, therapists, technicians and kids from all over the world. Mygo Seating System’s design helps optimize posture, function and comfort. It’s a great solution for home, school, or on the go!

    The innovative and versatile Leckey Mygo Seating System is highly adjustable for complex seating issues, and works with a variety of mobility bases, including tilt-in-space. It provides optimum pelvic stability, trunk and head alignment, and leg and foot positioning. The Mygo can be complemented by a wide variety of accessories, including a four-point harness, a variety of footplates and headrests, laterals and a tray. Altogether, the Mygo System offers a level of adjustability and comfort that makes it perfect for moderate to complex positioning needs in a variety of environments.

    Leckey Mygo Seating System Features:

    • The Mygo can be used with a hi-low chassis for indoor environments, and a number of interfaces are available to suit the most popular mobility bases and pediatric wheelchairs.
    • The upper leg supports can be adjusted independently and set up to accommodate leg length discrepancy, abduction, adduction or up to 30º windsweeping.
    • The innovative Pelvic Cradle (patent pending), which is available for the Size 2, wraps around the buttocks and posterior of the pelvis for optimum proximal positioning.
    • The backrest height and angle can be easily adjusted and the flexible sacral support can be shaped to the contours of the lower back to support the spine in the desired position.
    • The contoured shoulder section extends the height of the backrest and facilitates shoulder protraction for better trunk alignment.
    • Removable machine washable covers.
    • Reinforced backrest and seat base.
    • Allen key screws for secure adjustment.

    The Kimba Cross Mobility Base is the best pediatric positioning jogging stroller in the market for health conscious caregivers. From shopping to longs walks in the forest to bike trips, the all-terrain mobility base is the perfect solution for all of your daily activities.

    The Kimba Cross offers a high level of security, good flexibility and easy handling thanks to a low center of gravity, a spring system for the seat, large pneumatic tires and a drum brake. On rugged terrain, the seat suspension absorbs the impacts from rough ground so the child stays comfortable and properly positioned. The adaptive equipment can be used with either the swivel or rigid front wheel to accommodate various environments. An optional Cycle Trailer attachment allows the Kimba Cross to be attached to a bicycle for even more family fun. The frame can be folded down to a convenient size to make it easy to stow away in a car.

    Kimba Cross Mobility Base Features:

    • Telescoping frame fits the Mygo and Squiggles seating system.
    • Spring system for the seat.
    • 16“ front wheel, pneumatic tire, rigid, quick-lock attachment, including splash guard.
    • 18“ rear wheels, quick-release axle.
    • Drum brake with lock option.
    • Height-adjustable pushbar.        
    • Can be folded and disassembled for easy storage.
    • Attractive design thanks to oval tubular frame.
    SKU# E05413mygoseatkimbabase


    Leckey Mygo Seating System Specifications:

      Size 1 Size 2
    Age 3-10 years 8-14 years
    User Height 41.3"-59" 50"-66"
    User Weight 39.6-110 lbs. 39.6-132 lbs.
    Seat Depth 10.6"-16.5" 13.8"-18.5"
    Seat Width 8"-12.8" 8.7"-13.6"
    Backrest Height 14.2"-18.5" 18.1"-22.4"
    Seat to Sandal 8.5"-13.8" 12.4"-18.5"
    Chest Width 6.7"-10.6" 6.7"-10.6"
    Armrest Height 6.3"-8.3" 8.3"-10.2"
    Knee Width 3.5"-4.3" 4.7"-5.5"
    Backrest Angle (prone/recline)
    10°/25° 10°/25°
    Tray Size 21.6" x 18.9" 21.6" x 18.9"
    Seat Width 22 lbs 31.9 lbs
    Base Weight 26.5 lbs 26.5 lbs


    Kimba Cross Mobility Base Specifications:

    Pushbar Height 35.5"-45"
    Width 26"
    Length 55.1"-66.9"
    Height 29.5"-47.2"
    Weight Capacity 110 lbs.
    Base Weight 35 lbs.
    Folded Dimensions 23.5"W x 37"L x 12.5"H
    Seat Tilt from -5° - +30°
    Size 1 1-6 years
    Size 2 4-10 years

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