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Stingray Tilt-In-Space Pushchair w/ Outdoor Mobility Base

    Stingray Tilt-In-Space Pushchair w/ Outdoor Mobility Base

    Stingray Tilt-In-Space Pushchair w/ Outdoor Mobility Base

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    Choose a modular, robust therapy seating system for children with moderate to complex clinical needs with the Stingray Tilt-in-Space Pushchair with Outdoor Mobility Base. Ships in 1 week.

    Each Frame Style Comes With 7" Casters & 12 1/2" Rear Wheels

    The Fully Reclining Back is a requirement for every Stingray Seating System.

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    The Snug Seat Stingray special needs stroller is designed for children who need comfort and postural support contained within a robust seating system and attractive appearance. 
    The rugged Mobility Base is intended for outdoor use with a superb suspension and braking system and 12.5-inch quick release pneumatic rear wheels. The seat can be turned a full 180 degrees, allowing your child to explore the surroundings or simply maintain eye contact with you.
    Adjustability, maneuverability and comfort are keywords for this buggy mobility frame. The large range of available accessories include flexible thoracic and hip laterals for extra support, footplates and sandals, and headrest and thoracic harnesses for added stability. The various angle adjustments make it easy to find exactly the position your child needs and ensure they are always seated comfortably.
    The lockable tilt-in-space function has a 45 degree range while the seat can be reclined nearly 180 degrees. This enhances the Stingray's versatility and makes it the perfect chair for use in postural support, feeding or rest. 
    Plus, the Stingray seating system can easily be swapped between the indoor hi-lo base and the outdoor mobility base, eliminating the need for making multiple adjustments. 

    Stingray Tilt-In-Space Pushchair with Outdoor Mobility Base Features:

    • Solid tires with 7" front casters and quick release 12.5"rear wheels
    • Attractive colors and futuristic design make for a sleek ride.
    • Versatile, comfortable and adjustable thanks to innovative design and wide range of available accessories. 
    • Suspension and braking system provide stability and security.
    • Revolutionary 180° turning seat system provides freedom of movement
    • Seat tilt allows for adjustment while maintaining seating position.
    • Folds instantly and the seat and frame fold separately which fits in almost any car.
    • Comfortable and flame-retardant seat foam & fabric
    • With the optional transit accessory, provides safe transportation in motor vehicles and has been tested and approved according to ISO 7176/19-2001 standards.
    SKU# TiltInSpacePushChairOutDoorFrame


    Stingray Tilt-In-Space Pushchair Specifications:

    Size 1
    Size 2
    Seat width 11¾" 13¾"
    Seat width between knee supports 11" 12¾"
    Seat width between hip supports (accessories) 7"-8½"-10¼" 9"-10½"-12"
    Seat depth 7-11¾" 9½" - 15¼"
    Back height at shoulders 10½" - 16" 14" - 19¾"
    Back height 16" - 21½" 19½" - 25½"
    Lower leg length 5½"-17½" 5½"-17½"
    Seat height above floor 20¼" 20¼"
    Back width, inside 11¾" 14"
    Back width, outside 17½" 20¼"
    Frame width 23" 23"
    Frame length with turnable front wheels 28¾" 28¾"
    Frame length with large front wheels 32¾" 32¾"
    Height, push brace 39",40",41¼" 39",40",41¼"
    Foot plate (width x depth) 12" x 7¾" 12" x 7¾"    
    Frame length, folded 35" 35"
    Height, folded 19" 19"
    Weight frame 29½ lb 29½ lb
    Weight, seat 12 lb 14½ lb
    Max load / User weight 88 lb 88 lb
    Max load / User weight at transportation in vehicles 88 lb 88 lb
    Tilt Angle range (seat/back) 45°/170° 45°/170°

    **Seat foam and fabric are flame retardant.


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