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Thomashilfen tRide Special Needs Stroller

    Thomashilfen tRide Special Needs Stroller

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    Thomashilfen tRide Special Needs Stroller

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    Combine the best in comfort and function for children with moderate to complex medical and positioning needs with a Thomashilfen tRide Special Needs Stroller.



    If you're looking for a stroller-style pediatric wheelchair that focuses on both the comfort of the user and ease-of-use for the caretaker, you're in luck! Meet the Thomashilfen tRide Special Needs Stroller, a stroller with both recline AND tilt-in-space adjustability for children with moderate to complex medical and positioning needs, including those who lack head control.

    The Thomashilfen tRide Special Needs Stroller features soft, breathable and washable upholstery designed to keep your child cool and comfortable during your trip. The seat back reclines from 90° to 140° which can provide pressure relief for the lower back to help the user relax. You can also tilt the seat to 35° posterior to provide more supportive positioning.

    But what really sets the tRide apart from other special needs strollers is how incredibly simple it is to adjust. With just one hand, you can adjust the seat angle or even remove the seat from the frame entirely. Seat height and width, foot rests and head rests can all be easily manipulated to account for child growth with no tools at all! Plus, the tRide folds with or without the seat on, making transporting and storing the tRide a breeze.

    The Thomashilfen tRide Special Needs Stroller is also highly-customizable. With a wide variety of support accessories for the lower, middle and upper body, you can be sure that your child's specific positioning needs will be met. There are also many weather protection options including sun and rain canopies, umbrellas and sleeping bags for the kiddo who loves being outdoors no matter what it's like outside.

    SKU# SKU3941


    Thomashilfen tRide Stroller Size 1 Size 2 
    Seat depth 6¾ - 11" 9½ - 13¾"
    Seat width 7¾ - 11¾" 10¼ - 13¾"
    Back height 10¼ - 16½" 12½ - 20½"
    Lower leg length 6¾ - 11¾" 9¾ - 14¼"
    Hip angle 90° to 140° 90° to 140°
    Knee angle 90° to 180° 90° to 180°
    Foot angle 78° to 100° 78° to 100°
    Height adjustment arm support 3¾ - 5½" 4¾ - 7⅛"
    Seat tilt-in-space -10° to +35° -10° to +35°
    Size of arm support 8¼ W x 4" H 11½ W x 4¾" H
    Seat height 18⅛" 18½"
    Size of foot rest  11½ W  x 7⅛" D 13 W x 8.½" D
    Overall dimensions of seat unit 33½" L x 16⅛ " W x 22½" H 38½ L x 18⅛ W x 18⅛" H
    Folded dimensions of seat unit  24¾ L x 14¼  W x 15" H 29¼ L x 18⅛ W x 19¾" H
    Weight (seat) * 17½ lbs. 23¾ lbs.
    Push bar height 30 - 46⅛" 32 - 47¼"
    Overall dimensions of chassis in running order  29½" L x 23½ W "x 30¼" H 32 L x 26¼ W x 31⅛" H
    Folded dimensions chassis 31⅛ L x 23½  W x 15" H 32¾ L x 26½ W  x 15" H
    Overall dimensions of the tRide rehabilitation stroller, ready for use 35½ L x 23½  W x 39¾" H 43¼ L x 26½ W x 39¾" H
    Folded dimensions of the tRide rehabilitation stroller  32 L x 23½ W x 24¾" H 311/8 L x 25¼ W x 28¼" H
    Wheel size (swivel front / rear) 7½" / 10" 7½" / 10"
    Weight (without seat unit) 18⅛ lbs. 19¾ lbs.
    Carrying capacity (seat) 77¼ lbs. 88¼ lbs.
    Carrying capacity (chassis) 99¼ lbs. 110¼ lbs.

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    Watch a quick demonstration of how easy it is to adjust the tRide below: