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    SKU# E07538
    The PlasmaCar runs on pure kid power to move. Great for gross motor development and fun. Red Only


    Are you ready for the coolest science toy ever?  The PlasmaCar has received the prestigious 3 Star Award from the Canadian Toy Testing Council and has been certified with the "Wow!" status from Today's Parent Magazine.

    Hop on board one of our Plasma Cars and get ready to cruise around in style. The Plasma Car looks like a racecar with its vivid, sleek and aerodynamic design but is deceptively simple to operate.

    Forget about using pedals, gears or batteries to power this race car, this indoor and outdoor toy runs on pure “kid” energy by harnessing the forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction. Simply turn the wheel from left to right and let nature's forces do the work! Children are not only having fun but are working their upper extremities with a great workout and developing gross motor skills.

    Features of the PlasmaCar:

    • Ideal for gross motor development and exercise
    • Great for encouraging sharing, conversation and social skills
    • High-quality plastic construction
    • Rugged and durable – designed to last
    • Deceptively simple to operate
    • No pedals, gears or batteries required - Runs on "kid" power
    • Weight Capacity 220 lbs (110 kgs) on smooth, flat surfaces
    • Recommended Ages: 3 – 12 years
    • Color: Red

    HOW IT WORKS: Just rotate the steering wheel continuously from left to right. It also works in reverse. To zoom backwards, just switch the set of four front wheels around so that the larger ones are closest to the front of the car. To slow down, stop rotating the steering wheel. To stop, put your feet on the ground.


    • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award (2005)
    • 2003 Gold Star Toy Award from The Neighborhood Toy Stores of Canada
    • Five STAR rating from What's UP Kids Family Magazine, 2004 Toy Guide
    • Today’s Parent gave PlasmaCar the “Wow!” status, indicating it was one of the standouts of this year’s winning crop.
    • 3 Star Award presented by the Canadian Toy Testing Council
    • Nominated-Outdoor Toy of the Year 2006

    Note: Some assembly required. PlasmaCars may cause damage to indoor wood floors. Please exercise care when using indoors.

    SKU# E07538


    PlasmaCar Specifications:

    • Color: Red
      Inside Dimensions
    Dimensions 32"L x 12"W x 10"H
    Seat Height 8.5"H
    Weight Capacity 220 lbs.

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