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School Responsibility Checklist

    School Responsibility Checklist

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    School Responsibility Checklist

    SKU# E00839

    The School Responsibility Checklist is a great tool that teaches independence skills, establishes routines and helps to monitor self behavior. 

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    A great tool that teaches independence skills, establishes routines and helps to monitor self behavior. The photo images are a visual representation of a child's day and help them follow a daily schedule independently.

    These photo cards of activities and behaviors on a typical school day are separated into Before School (I put on my shoes, I say goodbye, etc.); During School (I follow instructions, I stay in line, etc.); and When School Is Over (I take my belongings, I say goodbye to my friends, etc.) As children learn to manage their day independently, they master confidence and concrete social skills.

    The 24 laminated cards are 4" x 5" and come on a ring.

    Why do I need these?Responsibility check lists teach a child independence and accountability. This item allows children to follow a visual schedule independently. The schedule represents a typical school day, before school, during school and when school is over. As a child performs each task they will be able to self check they have completed all the steps. This set also helps a child monitor their own behavior at school. The behavior check list reminds a student of appropriate behavior and activities at school. The ring opens, allowing you to remove or rearrange the order of the cards.

    What's in this pack?

    This set contains high quality photo cards of activities and behavior on a typical school day. The cards on the ring are separated into During School and When School Is Over. Examples in this set include I listen to my teacher, I work with my friends, I keep my hands to myself, I say good-bye to my friends etc. The cards are a visual representation of a child's day. The ring can easily be clipped to a key ring, attached to a belt or fit in a pocket book.

    Who benefits from this pack?

    These cards are perfect if you are teaching a child with autism, pdd nos, speech and language delays or Aspergers. If you are trying to increase independence, accountability and self help skills, this is a really good set to purchase.

    SKU# E00839


    School Responsibility Checklist Specifications:

  • 24 laminated cards
  • Dimensions: 4" x 5"
  • Cards come on a ring
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