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Toobeez Building Set

    Toobeez Building Set

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    Toobeez Building Set

    SKU# E00396

    Like Giant Tinker Toys, only better! Works as an education tool, team-building prop, therapeutic aid and cool, toy for kids (or adults). They're like Giant Tinker Toys but better! At home, the whole family can spend quality time building a playhouse or a bridge. At school, kids can construct an obstacle course. In the rehab setting, they can be used as a motivational tool.



    AWARD WINNER! The NEW Toobeez from Connectable Color Tubes is an innovative and educational construction toy targeted for the specialty toy market. With tremendous appeal to children under 12 and the adults in their lives, from parents to educators, Toobeez is a hands-on, easy-to-assemble, safe product that captivates the imagination of a child and allows them to create unique and fun structures for play. Toobeez are an obvious next step up from small piece construction toys. Assembling a Toobeez set is easy. The parts are perfectly designed and fit together by easily inserting, twisting, and locking the pieces together. Connect, Twist, Create Toobeez!

    • Creative Child Magazine Award Winner 2004!
    • Teachers Choice Award Winner 2005!
    • "Great Family Product" from Learning Magazine!

    Toobeez helps to promote family interaction, and gives you the freedom to create whatever you can imagine. This innovative product allows families to spend more time together and to "connect", while building many different types of structures. Such as forts, castles, playhouses, mazes, obstacle courses, dollhouses, puppet theatres, soccer goals, and airplanes. The possibilities are really almost endless. As an educational tool it can help develop various motor skills, as well as cognitive and language skills.

    This is the New Toobeez 57-piece set. Think of it as a set of LIFE-SIZE Tinker Toys! Toobeez is a one-of-kind unique construction toy that gives you the chance to "connect" with your children‚ students‚ or peers. Whether you are building a playhouse for a rainy day hideaway‚ creating an obstacle course at the park‚ or conducting a team building exercise‚ Toobeez engages everybody in constructive play. Toobeez are open ended and feeds the imagination! They can help...

    • Enhance Creative Thought Process
    • Develop Critical Thinking Skills
    • Foster Cooperative Play & Teamwork
    • Help Build Various Motor Skills
    • Develop Tactile & Spatial Skills
    • Understanding of Geometry / Angles
    • Develop Negotiation & Bartering Skills (Pieces)
    • Greater Interaction Between Adults and Children

    Each Box Contains: (20) 3.4" Yellow Spheres, (4) 36" Red Tubes, (4) 36" Blue Tubes, (4) 24" Green Tubes, (4) 24" Orange Tubes, (4) 16" Red Tubes, (4) 16" Blue Tubes, (4) Red 11" Tube, (4) 11" Green Tube, (2) Slide-On Blue Curtains, (2) Slide-On Red Curtains, (1) GIANT Toobeez Storage Bag.

    They are designed to last and last and last!

    SKU# E00396


    Toobeez Building Set Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 36" x 12" x 6"
    • Weight: 22 lbs.
    • Primary Colors

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    We purchased a set of Toobeez last Christmas and we highly recommend this product! My children love creating new designs and showing us their creations! We have found that our children's friends love playing with this product as well. The Toobeez building set promotes creativity and we are amazed by some of the designs the children create. Some recent designs include airplanes, pretend guns, rocket ships, helicopters, theater turnstiles, air compressors, puppet stages, beds for stuffed animals/cat bed, and soccer goals. My children have played with this set almost daily since last year and I have found it to be very durable, especially with the large amount of use of this toy. I can definitely say it has held up well, despite the stress which young children can inflict. I am ordering an extra set so that they may create even larger designs. One last note, I have found the company's customer service to be exceptional, with all of my questions being answered quickly, and we had fast shipment and receipt of the product. Review by A. Martinez / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    We use Toobeez for several Team Building activities for all ages. Even the corporate groups we work with enjoy using Toobeez in a variety of activities. We use the product both inside and outside and enjoy its durability. The Team Building Book that comes with many of the kits is a must have if you use this product for educational purposes. Review by Stuart Riley / (Posted on 8/26/2013)