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Therapy Net Swing with Spreader Bar

    Therapy Net Swing with Spreader Bar

    Therapy Net Swing with Spreader Bar

    SKU# E04325
    Designed to support any child or adult, our Therapy Net Swing with Spreader Bar is less confining, more comfortable, and easier to enjoy than any other on the market.

  • Can be used in a prone or sitting position
  • Total body support makes user feel safe and secure
  • Adjustable spreader bar allows for easy entry and exit

  • Description


    The Therapy Net Swing with Spreader Bar offers all the same benefits of our standard Therapy Net Swing for calming a restless child. The spreader bar helps make the therapy net swing less confining, more comfortable, and easier to get in and out of. This net swing is a great therapy tool that stretches to fit any child or adult. It can be used in a prone position like a hammock or a sitting position like a typical swing. Kids will feel safe and secure while stimulating their vestibular system.

    Enveloping a child's whole body as they swing back and forth, the movement stimulates the vestibular system, linear movement and also provides ample proprioception (pressure to the joints) so it is calming and comforting for kids who seek that type of pressure. Many kids love to relax in the net swing but it is also a good place for them to read a book or do homework with clipboard or hard surface on their lap.

    For kids that are apraxic or suffer from other types of speech disorders doing speech therapy exercises while in a net swing can keep them alert and motivated for longer periods of time. It cradles a child so they feel safe and secure and it gives them total body support.
    The therapy net swing with spreader bar can be supported from any of our swing suspension systems or swing frames that offer a single point suspension including: Swing Height Adjustment System, Foldaway Swing Frame, Indoor Therapy Gym. A Safety Connector is required to connect the swing to an eyeboly or swing hanger.

    Safety Connectors NOT included.

    SKU# E04325


    Therapy Net Swing with Spreader Bar Specifications

    • Material: Poly/Nylon net with hardwood spreader bar support overhead
    • 47" long spreader bar creates a comfortable chair 30" to 40" wide and up to 80" long.
    • Weight Capacity 225 pounds
    • Standard Color: White
    • Weighs only 6 lbs.
    • "O" ring connections on end of net swing (safety connectors not included)

    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What hardware do I need to hang the therapy net swing?
    Depending on apparatus you are hanging it from, you will need one safety connector, which allow you to connect the "O" ring on the end of the net swing to an eye-bolt in the ceiling or swing frame designed for a single point suspension.
    Will the Therapy Net Swing with Spreader Bar work with the doorway support bar?
    No it will not.  The supports bars offered are designed for swings with a two-point suspension.  The single point suspension swing require a hanger in the middle which the supports bars do not offer.
    I need more support in the net swing to better position my child in the swing.  What is available?
    You can position several items in the net swing to help with positioning including small bean bags, pillows and feeder seats.

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    This swing is great! Our whole family loves it. Especially because it fits on our swing stand without us hitting the floor Review by Julie / (Posted on 8/26/2013)