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Wish Fountain - Grant Thomas' Wish

    Wish Fountain - Grant Thomas' Wish

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    Wish Fountain - Grant Thomas' Wish

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    Hi! I’m TJ Bossch. I am 2, almost 3 year’s old. I was recently diagnosed with autism. But, just like any child, I have unlimited potential! I have many specific things I’m working on at home, in therapy, and at school. I am making great progress! Because of this, I think it would be best if my house had the tools and toys that will help me excel further.

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    Hi! I’m TJ Bossch. I am 2, almost 3 year’s old. I was recently diagnosed with autism. But, just like any child, I have unlimited potential! I have many specific things I’m working on at home, in therapy, and at school. I am making great progress! Because of this, I think it would be best if my house had the tools and toys that will help me excel further.

    Do you attend school? If yes, what is your favorite subject?
    I attend half days of school at united services. I love going to school and my teachers. My favorite part is going outside, climbing or playing with water.

    What challenges/obstacles do you encounter?
    I have trouble expressing myself by speaking. Sometimes I need to hangon to my straw to feel better, or listen to my favorite song. I really like to climb and run around, but I have trouble balancing and I need help. I have sensory issues, sometime I perceive things differently then other.

    What do you want people to know about you?
    I love my family and friends! I am a happy, snuggly, sweet boy. I get to do and learn new things everyday just like other kids, I just do it at my own pace. Please don’t think that just because I can’t speak doesn’t mean I can’t hear, understand, and respond. People tend to think that because I can’t speak and have trouble reading social situations, that I don’t want to be included, or even interacted with. That’s not true! Don’t just put me in the corner, that doesn’t help me.

    What are your favorite hobbies?
    I love collecting straws, and other stick like items. They help me feel better, but sometimes Mom and Dad say we have to put them away so we can focus on other things. I love Mickey Mouse! I watch it everyday. I also love playing with water, light up and music toys, and climbing and balancing.

    Describe a day in the life of you
    I wake up and get to watch some Mickey Mouse. Mom gets me ready and Dad take me to school. I have fun at school and eat lunch there. Then Mom or one of my grandparents pick me up, and I get to go home and play. I normally take a nap, sometimes I’m really tired because I don’t sleep great at night. At night Dad will take me for a long walk around the neighborhood and we wrestle. My new brother Daniel likes to watch, but he’s too little to play. Then Mom takes me upstairs and we snuggle for awhile, then go to bed.

    What is your favorite color?
    I don’t have one yet, but my favorite straw is red, so maybe red!

    Folding Trampoline

     Our folding trampoline comes with an easy grip handle, to encourage children to exercise and keep fit. Ideal for children who crave vestibular motion. Great way to develop gross motor skills and balance. Folding Trampoline 

    Swing Board

     Don't have a doorway to hang the Support Bar? Now you can use your favorite indoor swing set by securing it to your ceiling framework. The Swing Board allows for vestibular stimulation while eye bolts allow for various attachments to be hooked onto the board. Measures 36" long by 6" wide. All attachments sold separately. Board installation by customer.  Swing Board

    Bouncing Platform Swing 

     Our bouncing platform swing enables parents and therapists to work with children on vestibular orientation, linear acceleration, balance reactions and motor planning  Bouncing Platform Swing

    River Stones

     Take the next step to better coordination, balance and fun with River Stones.  River Stones

    Vinyl Bean Bag

     These small vinyl bean bags create an even deep pressure input throughout your entire body, which can be calming and comfortable for children and individuals with sensory needs.  Bean Bag

    Create A Beam

     With Create-A-Beam you can create dozens of balance challenges with easy-to-connect DuraTuff Foam beam sections.  Create A Beam

    Wilbur The Bead Maze

     The Wilbur The Bead Maze Wall Panel Toy will put a happy face on the kids in your waiting room, classroom, or home! Wilbur Wall Panel has no removable parts and the play wires are locked into a durable wood base. The Wilbur Wall Toy is an ideal way to entertain children of all ages, especially when floor space is limited.  Wilbur The Bead Maze Wall Panel Toy

    Heat Sensiitive Panels - Magic Hands

     Finger painting without the mess! The Magic Hands Activity Wall Panel is sure to bring out a lot of smiles and amazement from children and parents. This activity wall panel features unique heat-sensitive film technology.  Heat Sensitive Activity Wall Panel - Magic Hands

    Outerspace Pathfinder Panels

    Travel out of this world with the Outer Space Pathfinder Wall Panel! Children can explore the galaxy, space shuttles, shooting stars, planets, and outer space aliens as they guide the pieces along the paths.  Moving the pieces forward, backward, and around the panel challenges and promotes basic skills of logical thinking, eye-hand coordination, and visual tracking.    Outer Space Pathfinder Wall Panel

    Vibrating Fiber Optic

     These vibrating fiber optic strings swirl, curl and magically reflect changing colors of red, green, blue, and purple, bringing about a sense of calm and relaxation all who look at it. The soothing light makes a wonderful addition to any sensory environment or a fun addition to any child's bedroom. The prickly strings provide gentle tactile stimulation and the strings can also be curled as a way to practice fine motor skills.


     Vibrating Fiber Optic

    Light Up Morph Ball

     The Light Up Morph Ball allows every squeeze result in the silkiest feeling ever and a quick color change that really gets attention.  Light Up Morph Ball


     Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes are lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length.  Boomwhackers

    Thunder Sticks

     Cheer on the team with these inflatable noisemakers. Great for tailgating, team building activities and more! But don’t stop there! Use them as graduation party supplies to help congratulate your graduate on a job well done! After you inflate, seal the self-adhesive tab to keep the boom sticks from deflating. To achieve loudest noise, keep the boom sticks vertical when hitting them together. Plastic.  Thunder Sticks

    Rapper Snappers

     Snappable tubes make a popping sound as they are flexed back and forth. Can be popped, stretched, bent, and connected together. Provides tactile stimulation, fine motor skills and auditory feedback. Even better when used for hours of fun! Each Pop Toob can expand from 8" to 30".  Rapper Snapper


    SKU# thomasb


    Wish Fountain Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a Wish Fountain page work?
    A Wish Fountain page allows our customers to create a shareable donation page for items that could help elevate the quality of life for their loved one. Customers can choose up any number of products and accessories for their wish list as well as post basic information about their loved one’s status. This page is then posted publicly so that family, friends and good Samaritans alike may donate funds towards the purchase of the items on the wish list.

    All donations to a Wish Fountain page work like our eSpecial Needs eGift Cards. That customer receives the full value of the donation toward their Wish Fountain goal. We deduct no fees for this service, but does require all fund raised be redeemed at eSpecial Needs.

    What determines a Wish Fountain page’s goal?

    The goal for your Wish Fountain page is determined by the price of the products and accessories you choose at the time you choose them. This price is guaranteed for one year (12 months). Once the guarantee period is over, the actual order total is subject to change based on any manufacturer price changes, size changes or accessory changes are made.

    If it turns out a price increase happens after the guarantee period, customers have two options:

    1. They may increase the goal amount listed on their page
    2. They may contribute the difference for later use with eSpecial Needs

    What happens when the goal is reached?

    Congratulations! If the goal has been met, eSpecial Needs will contact you to verify and ensure your order’s accuracy as well as get your approval prior to processing. Once that’s completed, it’s only a matter of time before your wish list is delivered!

    What happens if I raise more money than the goal?

    If a Wish Fountain page raises more than its original goal, the excess amount will be awarded in the form of an eSpecial Needs eGift Card which can then be used to purchase any other additional products the family may need. No refunds will be given to donators if an excess occurs.

    Can donations be refunded?

    Donations cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

    Can I change the items on my Wish Fountain page?

    Yes, you may change the products on your page at any time before purchase.

    In a case where I’ve raised enough to get something on my wish list but not everything, can I choose to purchase an item with my collected funds before I hit my goal?

    Of course! If you have raised enough funds for a specific item on your wish list, you may contact us and let us know that you’d like to purchase that item. Once purchased, the item will be removed from your list and your Wish Fountain goal will be altered to reflect the changes.


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