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Travel Sensory Kit

    Travel Sensory Kit

    Travel Sensory Kit

    SKU# F17071
    Make time for sensory play wherever you go with the Bokawoka Travel Sensory Kit. This sensory-friendly kit covers all systems, making car rides, air travel, or doctor's office visits much easier.

  • Thirteen sensory activities in one easy-to-carry backpack
  • Compact kit easy travels in cars, planes, magic carpets, and spaceships
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    Keeping kids occupied while you're traveling is tough, and that can be doubly true when your child has sensory needs brought on by autism, ADHD, or other diagnoses. When you're in need of a sensory activity when you're on the road, reach for our Bokawoka Travel Sensory Kit. This carry-all backpack covers all the sensory systems, making long waiting room waits, car trips, plane rides, and other outings easier on both the kids and the parents.

    The Bokawoka Travel Sensory Kit contains:

    • a blue Chew-A-Roo Round Chew Pendant for chewing
    • a Chew-A-Roo Chew Straw 3-Pack for chewing during mealtime
    • a Gidget Widget to fidget with
    • a Spinning Light Globe for dark play
    • a Flashing Orbit Ball for visual tracking and dark play
    • a Textured Tangle Jr to twist and pull
    • an Easy Grip Egg Shaker to get hands and ears going
    • a Wikki Stix Rainbow Pack for creative fine-motor play
    • a blue Fluxy Oral Motor Tool for chewing
    • a Small Tin of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty to squeeze, twist, and pull
    • a Mini Water Wiggle for squishy tactile fun
    • a Red Oogi Jr for fidgeting and sticking to windows
    • a set of Noiseless headphone for when sound gets overwhelming
    SKU# F17071


    Travel Sensory Kit Specifications

    The Bokawoka Travel Sensory Kit contains:

    • 1 - Chew-A-Roo Round Chew Pendant (Blue)
    • 1 - Chew-A-Roo Chew Straw 3-Pack
    • 1 - Gidget Widget
    • 1 - Spinning Light Globe
    • 1 - Flashing Orbit Ball
    • 1 - Textured Tangle Jr
    • 1 - Easy Grip Egg Shaker
    • 1 - Wikki Stix Rainbow Pack
    • 1 - Fluxy Oral Motor Tool (Blue)
    • 1 - Small Tin of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty
    • 1 - Mini Water Wiggle
    • 1 - Oogi Jr (Red)
    • 1 - Set of Noiseless Headphones

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