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Handwriting is often a struggle for children with an autism spectrum disorder. These handwriting workbooks provide writing lessons and ideas that are geared to help these children become more successful with writing tasks. Includes interventions to facilitate handwriting skills as well as some practice exercises to improve handwriting skills.

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LegiGuides Writing Aids - eSpecial Needs

The LegiGuides was designed by an OT who developed this writing paper to serve as a manuscript legibility guide to address correct spacing,...

Handwriting Without Tears: My First School Book (Pre-K)

This workbook is designed for four year olds or older students working at a Pre-K level and uses a developmental sequence for teaching.

Handwriting Without Tears: Letters and Numbers for Me (K)

This workbook is at a kindergarten to first grade level. This student workbook is used with the Capital Letter Wood Pieces and Slate Chalkboard....

Handwriting Without Tears: My Printing Book Student Workbook (1st Grade)

Review capital letters, size consistency and more! This workbook was designed to eliminate problems with reversals, spacing, placement and...

Wipe On/Wipe Off Handwriting - eSpecial Needs
Write On/Wipe Off Handwriting

Provide handwriting practice and activities for students and children learning penmanship with Write On/Wipe Off Handwriting Sets from eSpecial...

Get In Shape to Write

The series of imaginative adventures in Get in Shape to Write retain a child's interest as they process auditory, visual and motor movement...

Handwriting Without Tears: Printing Power Student Workbook

For the advanced student comfortable with printing capital letters, numbers and lowercase letters. This is the most advanced printing workbook....

Handwriting Without Tears: Cursive Handwriting Student Workbook

Cursive Handwriting teaches a clean vertical style of cursive and provides easy to follow directions. This is the beginning student workbook for...

Handwriting Without Tears: Can-Do Cursive Student Workbook

Can-Do Cursive is for fifth graders or older students still mastering or learning cursive. Promotes writing skills with grammar,...

Handwriting Without Tears: Readiness & Writing Pre-K Teacher's Guide

Handwriting Without Tears: Readiness & Writing Pre-K Teacher's Guide

Callirobics Beginners

Callirobics Beginners is a series of simple, enjoyable graphical forms to be traced to the sounds of music, combining CALLIgraphy and aeROBICS.

Slate Board - eSpecial Needs
Slate Board

This small slate board is used to teach capital letters and numbers without reversals.

Callirobics: Handwriting Exercises to Music - eSpecial Needs
Callirobics: Handwriting Exercises to Music

Turn up the volume of your child's writing and communication skills. Callirobics: Handwriting Exercises to Music is handwriting instruction with...

Handwriting Without Tears: Cursive Success Student Workbook

Cursive Success is the workbook for fourth grade students or those working at that level.

Handwriting Without Tears: Kindergarten Teacher's Guide

An affordable and effective Handwriting tool!

Handwriting Without Tears: Can-Do Print Student Workbook

Can-Do Print is for fifth graders or older students who prefer print to cursive, but still need practice.

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