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Gross Motor Skills


Bouncing & Jumping

Trampolines are ideal for children who crave the vesitibular input from bouncing and jumping. Our trampolines can regulate and advance special needs children's sensory skills. Children with autism or Asperger's syndrome frequently feel overwhelmed by stimuli, leading to added stress and undesirable behaviors.

Trampolines are also fantastic for increasing sensory awareness and improving motor skills. Rebounding encourages muscle development, strengthens bones, reinforces joints, and improves balance.

Trampolines are invaluable tools for encouraging interaction between the children and the parents.

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Ball Pit Crash Pad
Ball Pit Crash Pad

Choose an active play toy perfect for developing gross motor skills like bouncing and balance with the super-comfortable and...

Folding Trampoline - eSpecial Needs
Folding Trampoline

Our folding trampoline comes with an easy grip handle, to encourage children to exercise and keep fit. Ideal for children who crave vestibular...

Mono Trampoline

Our Trampoline Mono will delight children while creating vestibular stimulation. Probably the most beautiful and most suitable trampoline ever...

Baby Trampoline

On this trampoline very small children can practice trampoline jumping. Great way to develop gross motor skills and balance.

8' Trampoline with Enclosure

Make gross motor development safe and fun through active play bouncing and jumping on the roomy and secure 8' Trampoline with Enclosure.

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