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Classroom Tables & Chairs


Classroom Tables & Chairs

Special Needs Classroom Tables & Chairs - eSpecial Needs

Our collection of classroom furnishings feature tables, chairs, soft play furniture, foam furniture, activity centers and play panels that are appropriate for special needs children, from pre-school to school age.

Browse our selection of items designed specifically for classrooms, schools, daycares, waiting rooms, doctor's offices, clinics and homes.

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FitBALL Seating Disc - eSpecial Needs
FitBALL® Seating Disc

Inflatable dynamic cushions that mimic both the movement and shape of the ball in any seat. They can also be used on the floor for balance...

Cando Inflatable Wedge
Cando Inflatable Wedge

Promote good posture with Cando Inflatable Seat Wedges, which combine the properties of a ball and a wedge.

Balance Disc

The balance disc is inflatable and mimics both the movement and shape of the inflatable ball when used on any seat. It acts as a dynamic cushion...

FitBALL® Wedge

The FitBALL Wedge cushion is an inflatable, dynamic cushion that activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine. The wedge shape...

Kaye Kinder Chairs

Designed for children who need a wide base of support in order to achieve good pelvic position, lower extremity position, and trunk alignment...

Table Mate Activity Table

The Table Mate activity table is fully adjustable to the perfect height and angle for almost any activity.

Kinder Chair - eSpecial Needs
Kinder Chair

Kinder Class Chairs are designed specifically for the handicapped child for home, school, or institutional use.

Jett Step Footrest - eSpecial Needs
Jett Step Footrest

The Jett Step is a specialized footrest that is easily anchored to any standard elementary school-sized chair allowing the student to sit with...

FitBALL Air Cushion - eSpecial Needs
FitBALL® Air Cushion

The Fitball Air Cushion has a unique three-tiered folded side construction that promotes a dynamic sitting position. This inflatable cushion is...

POD Pillows

These POD Pillows are big, colorful pillows that are great to flop on the floor and rest - for home, school or daycare.

First Class School Chair - eSpecial Needs
Wenzelite First Class School Chair

Designed to ensure good seating posture, the First Class School Chair is comfortable, attractive and adjustable. Ideal for physically challenged...

Kids Kore Wobble Chair - eSpecial Needs
Kids Kore Wobble Chair

Transform boring seated activities into a way of burning excess energy and engaging core muscles for better health with a Kids Kore Wobble...

Kaye T-Tables - eSpecial Needs

The KAYE T-Tables feature a tilting work surface that permits a child with special needs to be positioned at the optimal distance from the...

Corner Big Screen Panel

Choose any of our four colorful 90 degree angle room screens. Create separate dramatic play or housekeeping area. Use to screen off rest time...

Leckey Pal Classroom Seat

Leckey Pal Classroom Seat is an easy to use classroom seat for kids with mild postural needs. It is designed to give improved stability which...

Adjustable Classroom Chair - eSpecial Needs
Adjustable Classroom Chair

The Multi-Use Classroom Chair is a chrome-plated, adjustable chair that provides comfortable positioning for physically challenged children and...

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