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Plates & Bowls


Plates & Bowls

Adapted plates, plate guards, bowls and other adaptive dinnerware help solve eating problems. Use these items to make eating for the handicapped or disabled less work and more enjoyable.
Innovative dishes with built up rims and ridges to allow you to catch the food on your fork or spoon.  Allows you to eat independently and with dignity.  Works well with people with low vision or difficulty grasping and moving eating utensils.

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Scooper Plate - eSpecial Needs
Scooper Plate

The flat bottom and high rim with a reverse curve on one side help in scooping food onto a utensil without spilling over the side. Available...

Eating Scooper Bowl with Suction Cup Base
Scooper Bowl with Suction Cup Base

Assist a loved one’s successful utensil-use without the threat of spilling with the high rim and reverse curve of this Scooper Bowl with...

GripWare™ Round Scoop Dish

Help individuals with limited flexibility, neurological disorders or ataxia eat more independently with the uniquely designed GripWare Round...

Partitioned Scoop Dish with Lid

The Partition Scoop Dish keeps food separated while the high walls of each compartment can be used to help push food onto forks and spoons.

Inner-Lip Plates with Non-Skid Base - eSpecial Needs
Inner-Lip Plates with Non-Skid Base

Inner-Lip Plates are designed to assist children, the elderly and people with limited muscle control in keeping food from sliding off their...

GripWare™ Partitioned Scoop Dish

Keep food separated and provide more surfaces for scooping with GripWare™ Partitioned Scoop Dishes.

Plastic Food Bumpers

Plastic Food Bumpers are ideal for people who want to use conventional tableware, but have difficulty getting food onto utensils.

GripWare™ High Sided Dish

Make independent eating easier, especially for those with poor hand coordination, weakness or tremors with the GripWare™ High Sided...

Scoop Plate & Vacuum Base

The scoop plate and vacuum pad base is designed deeper on one edge then the other to allow for scooping and is useful for liquid foods such as soup.

SureFit™ Clear Food Guard

Stop meals from sliding off your plate with the SureFit™ Clear Food Guard, designed to be inconspicuous at home or while dining...

High Side Dish with Rim

The High Side Dish with Rim is a scoop dish designed to make dining easier in any setting.

Suction Bowl with Vacuum Base - eSpecial Needs
Suction Bowl & Vacuum Base

The Suction Bowl is a high-sided bowl that comes complete with a vacuum pad. Users can now free themselves with no danger of the bowl moving or...

Divided Plate & Vacuum Base

The divided plate and vacuum pad base is designed deeper on one edge then the other to allow for scooping and is useful for liquid foods such as soup.

SureFit™ Plastic Food Guard

Help guide food back onto utensils while stopping meals from sliding off plates with the snug-fitting SureFit™ Plastic Food Guard. 

Non Skid Bowl

Prevent sliding and put an end to messy accidents with the Skidtrol Non-Skid Bowl, which stays put even on an incline. 

GripWare™ Scoop Dish

Increase independence during mealtime with the GripWare™ Scoop Dish, designed with a grooved rim to hold help hold utensils and curved...

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