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Bus & Transit Strollers - eSpecial Needs

Ensuring children are safely transported in a moving vehicle are critical to both schools and parents alike.  Our bus transit strollers and wheelchairs are designed and tested to comply with WC/19 to improve the safety and security of stroller seated occupants of motor vehicles during normal transportation, but especially in the event of a vehicle crash.

Our bus transport strollers can be used in properly equipped buses and vans. These WC/19-compliant wheelchairs, or "transit" wheelchairs, are equipped with an array of features including anchor points for securing the wheelchair to the frame of the bus or van and an attachment point for occupant restraints to protect the safety of the wheelchair occupant.

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Stealth Lightning Special Needs Stroller

The Stealth Lightning offers a lightweight adaptive stroller for children who require mild to moderate seating and positioning needs.

Trotter Mobility Pushchair Transit Stroller

The Trotter Transit Mobility Pushchair Stroller features a lightweight folding frame with closure straps, making it ideal for simple...

Ormesa CLIP Special Needs Stroller

The CLIP Special Needs Stroller is a compact, mid-weight, special needs stroller for families who are always on the go.

Thomashilfen JAZZ EASyS Stroller - eSpecial Needs
Thomashilfen JAZZ EASyS Stroller

The Thomashilfen Jazz EASyS is a modern, good-looking, lightweight and flexible pushchair making it perfect for every day use. The under seat...

Alvema Silver Pixi Stroller Pushchair

The Alvema Silver Pixi Positioning Chair has exciting new features such as a sleek silver frame, adjustable ergonomic handle, newly designed,...

Convaid Scout Transit Stroller

The Convaid Scout Transit special needs stroller is a heavy-duty, all terrain stroller for individuals with little upper body control, and no...

Alvema Ito Stroller Pushchair
Alvema Ito Stroller Pushchair

The Alvema Ito Stroller Pushchair is a lightweight, all-terrain pushchair that is sleek and easily portable for children with special needs.

Convaid Cruiser Transit Stroller - eSpecial Needs
Convaid Cruiser Transit Stroller

The Convaid Cruiser Transit Stroller is the leading special needs stroller offering a compact-folding positioning systems. Its lightweight...

Convaid EZ Rider Transit Stroller - eSpecial Needs
Convaid EZ Rider Transit Stroller

Convaid's EZ Rider Transit Stroller is a lightweight, compact-folding push chair that folds like an "umbrella" style stroller. The EZ Rider...

Convaid Rodeo Tilt Transit Stroller - eSpecial Needs
Convaid Rodeo Tilt Transit Stroller

Lightweight, folds and tilts! Bus transportable tilt-in-space stroller for children approximately 4 years to small adult!

Kimba Kruze Stroller w/ Rigid Frame - eSpecial Needs
Kimba Kruze Stroller - Rigid Frame

Enhance your mobility wherever you go with the lightweight folding design of the comfortable, durable Kimba Kruze stroller with rigid frame.

Ormesa Bug Seating System with 4-Wheel Stroller Base

Ormesa Bug Seating System with 4-Wheel Stroller Base is a technologically advanced seating and positioning system ideal for children with mild...

Snug Seat Tiger/Serval Stroller

The Snug Seat Tiger/Serval Stroller features a tilt-in-space design to ensure maximum convenience and comfort for the parent and child, and...

Convaid EZ Rider Convertible Transit Stroller Wheelchair

Lightweight, compact and strong, the new Convaid Convertible Transit is two wheelchairs in one. It comes with 8" rear wheels, plus larger rear...

Convaid EZ Rider Convertible Transit Stroller Wheelchair with Planar Seating - eSpecialNeeds
Convaid EZ Rider Convertible Transit Stroller Wheelchair with Planar Seating

The Convaid Convertible Transit with Planar Seating is two wheelchairs in one. The wheelchair provides a solid base of support to enhance...

Convaid Metro Transit Stroller - eSpecial Needs
Convaid Metro Transit Stroller

The Convaid Metro Transit stroller is designed for individuals who require a basic utility transport wheelchair with a 30 degree fixed seat...

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