Swings & Swing Frames

All children love to swing. A swing can be a valuable investment and help children with sensory integration. Schools have long used swings to address vestibular therapy and sensory integration. In fact, many classes for autistic children have a swing hanging inside the classroom. Students may have regular times that they utilize this avenue to sensory integration. These indoor swings and outdoor swing systems will provide hours of fun and therapy.

Our entire selection of indoor and outdoor swings and swing frames can be seen at Vestibular Therapy.

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High Backed Seat for Swings

Our high-backed adaptive swing seat has been providing a supported ride to generations.

Safety Connector

This strong and durable Swing Safety Connector fits many swings and ceiling apparatus. Holds up to 500 lbs.

Therapy Net Swing - eSpecial Needs
Therapy Net Swing

Our therapy net swing is designed to support any child or adult and be used in sitted position. The net swing cradles the child so they feel...

Cuddle Swing

Hovering and calming, the cuddle swing offers relaxation and stimulates imagination.

Airwalker Swing

The Airwalker Swing encourages Sensory Integration, Coordination and Spatial Awareness. Now comes standard with our Swing Rotational Device...

Heavy Duty Swing Rotational Device

The Heavy Duty Swing Rotational Device is a strong and durable safety rotational device that works on many of our ceiling mounted swings or...

Height Adjustment System - eSpecial Needs
Height Adjustment System

Our Height Adjustment System provides a home or clinic with everything you need to securely suspend many vestibular tools including the...

Therapy Net Swing with Spreader Bar - eSpecial Needs
Therapy Net Swing with Spreader Bar

Our therapy net swing with spreader bar is less confining, more comfortable, and easier to get in and out of. The swing is desinged to support...

Square Platform Swing

Our square carpeted platform swing enables parents and therapists to work with children on vestibular orientation, linear acceleration, balance...

Swing Board with Eye Bolts

Don't have a doorway to hang the Support Bar? Now you can use your favorite indoor swing set by securing it to your ceiling framework. The Swing...

Single Swing Frame - eSpecial Needs
Single Swing Frame

This heavy duty freestanding Single Swing Frame offers your facility all the benefits of an indoor or outdoor swing without a costly...

2x6 Wood Beam Installation Kit

The 2" x 6" Wood Beam Installation Kit provides a single point connection eyebolt when connecting to exposed beams and rafters.

I-Beam or H-Beam Installation Kit

Steel I beams and H beams are common structures in buildings with more than one floor. Make them work for you as part of your clinic set up with...

Indoor Therapy Gym - eSpecial Needs
Indoor Therapy Gym

The Indoor Therapy Gym brings vestibular and sensory programs to a whole new level by adding climbing, swinging, spinning, gliding, and linear...

Currambera Hammock Swing

The Currambera Hammock Swing is crafted in Columbia, using traditional workmanship.

Edge Series Carpeted Platform Swing - eSpecial Needs
Edge Series Carpeted Platform Swing

Increase sensory motor awareness through fun active play, during clinic, school or home therapy sessions, with our Edge Series...

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