Free Accessory with Purchase of a new Convaid Rodeo until April 21st

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Convaid Rodeo Tilt Stroller, now is a great time to do so. Convaid and eSpecial Needs are offering a free accessory of your choice with new orders of the Rodeo from now until April 21st!

The Convaid Rodeo Tilt Stroller is already a great choice for a family looking for a compact, lightweight, tilt-in-space stroller for a child or small adult with space needs. Features like its improved locking mechanism, quick release wheels and adjustable 5-45º tilting capability are just a few of the reasons why this model is a favorite among parents and therapists alike. Now, as an added bonus, you can pick one up with one of the following accessories free of charge:

  • H-Harness with Padded Covers
  • Under Seat Storage Basket
  • Calf Panel
  • 3-point Belt



Don’t delay! Check out the Convaid Rodeo Tilt Stroller and choose your free accessory from the side bar before adding it to your cart!

*Promotion Offer valid until April 21, 2014 on new Rodeo orders only, not valid for orders already submitted or revisions of existing orders. Orders cannot be made obsolete and then re-submitted.  Promotion applies to Rodeo orders received by April 21 only and is only upon request. Free Accessory applies to choice of one free 3 Point Belt, Calf Panel, Under Seat Storage Basket, or H-Harness Only and is only upon request. Valid on US orders only. This offer is non-transferable.
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Sign To Speak: Toddlers at Play – Weekly Giveaway – April 14-20

Sign To Speak: Toddlers at PlaySign To Speak: Toddlers at Play is a great guide for parents of toddlers (fifteen months to three years old) to learn and use sign language and fun activities to enhance early learning skills. This book is perfect even for those that are beginners to signing. It focuses on expanding early vocabulary, learning core concepts such as the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, objects, feelings, etc. and communication skills that will help children effectively explore their world.

Sign To Speak: Toddlers at Play Features:

  • Everything you need to know to sign successfully with your toddler
  • Proven techniques to teach and encourage toddler signing
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and practical how-to tips
  • Over two thousand effective and playful toddler signs
  • Clear signing pictures and descriptions
  • Age-appropriate signing activities, stories, games, rhymes, and songs
  • Proven silent behavior techniques that ease the “Terrible Two’s”

About The Author

Dr. Marilyn Daniels has been one of the premier authors and researchers on the user of American Sign Language with hearing children. She has been quoted in many publications and has appeared on radio and television for over twenty years. Marilyn also lectures and presents workshops to help parents, teachers, and other caregivers learn how to effectively use sign language with children.

Click here to fill out the entry form and good luck. The application tends to work better when the form is filled out on a computer rather than a tablet or phone. At the end of each week, one lucky fan will be notified by eSpecial Needs that you have won. No duplications will be counted. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY. Sweepstakes ends 4-20-2014.

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Jesse and the Super Sensorific Seashore Book – Weekly Giveaway March 31 – April 13

Jesse and the Super Sensorific Seashore Book CoverJesse and the Super Sensorific Seashore Book follows Jesse, a young boy with autism, as he explores the wonders of the seashore for the very first time. During his adventure, Jesse struggles with some of the many sensory challenges faced by autistic children. With the help of his family, he learns to overcome the fears and panics associated with his condition and experiences all the wonder and magic a day at the beach has to offer. The book is paperback and consists of 40 colorful pages. The book is written by Martha Bolton, illustrated by Silke Heyer and edited by Leslie and Lisa Ligon.

The Ligon Family consists of Lisa Ligon (mother), Leslie Ligon (father), Chloe (daughter, age 13) and Jesse (son, age 6). Jesse was diagnosed with autism at the early age of two years and nine months. The family committed themselves to learning more about autism to help understand Jesse. The inspiration for this book is a picture taken of Jesse at the beach. In the picture Jesse is on a noisy beach, in a life jacket, wet, holding a textured starfish, standing in water and yet he is OK. The front cover of the book is Silke Heyer’s adaptation of that picture. Jesse managed to make it through that day at the beach thanks to his progress in therapy, his parents, sister and his schedule. We want to share this day in order to bring awareness to autism.

Jesse and the Super Sensorific Seashore Book Giveaway Rules

Click here to fill out the entry form and good luck. The application tends to work better when the form is filled out on a computer rather than a tablet or phone. At the end of each week, one lucky fan will be notified by eSpecial Needs that you have won. No duplications will be counted. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY. Sweepstakes ends 4-13-2014.

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Small Rifton Blue Wave Toilet Seat Giveaway in April

Small Rifton Blue Wave Toilet SeateSpecial Needs is giving away a Small Rifton Blue Wave Toilet Seat throughout the entire  month of April. The Small Rifton Blue Wave Toilet Seat is a great toilet seat that can be easily secured in placed with the use of the mounting bar that is included with the giveaway. The polypropylene seat is hygienic which contains a chemical and water resistant surface and can fit on standard toilet seats up to 17″ wide. The mounting bar is usable for toilets that are 14.5″ or narrower at the seat bolts. When the toilet seat is not in use, it can be folded and hung on the wall for easy storage. All hardware is stainless steel for maximum durability.

Small Rifton Blue Wave Toilet Seat Features:

  • This toilet seat has the capability of leaning to the front or back. A quick click adjusts the back 5° or 15° backwards, and 5° forward from a vertical position. The seat itself slopes backward 5° and the back to seat angles are 80°, 90°, and 110°.
  • It has two settings of seat depth which help you position your child close to the deflector for the best function. The removable deflector can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • It contains a hip strap that helps to position the child securely at the back of the seat.
  • You may remove the armrests for easy transfer into the toilet seat.
  • It includes two mounting bars for installation on your toilet seat.
  • It fits users that are 30″-50″ in height, under 180 lbs and have less than a 12″ hip width or upper leg width

Just fill out the entry form and good luck. At the end of the month one lucky fan will be notified by eSpecial Needs that you have won. No duplications will be counted. Rules: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Sweepstakes ends April 30, 2014.

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Building A Sensory Room On A Budget

Sensory rooms can make a big difference in a child’s development. Unfortunately, many families with loved ones who could benefit from a dedicated sensory room often don’t feel they have the space or budget to create one.

Not so! Creating an effective sensory space doesn’t have to be expensive or require an entire room of your house. Just take a look at the following tips we’ve compiled to help you build a sensory area that fits your budget.

Consider the needs of your loved one

The first step in planning any sensory space begins with the kiddo who’ll be using it. Every child is unique, and the sensory space you make for them should be as well.

Take note of some of the toys, therapy items and sensory activities your child enjoys during his or her sessions. If your child likes working with certain items or performing certain tasks, it might be best to find similar items that meet with your budget. Ask the clinician or therapist about what your loved one likes working on or with, then research options based on those findings.

Carving out some space

A term like “sensory room” can be a little intimating and even discouraging, especially when you don’t have an entire room of your home available to set one up. Don’t get down, though. Smaller sensory areas can be just as effective as larger ones.

Think about the space you do have to offer rather than what you don’t and how you might individualize that area for your child. Is there a way to rearrange the furniture in a room to create a sensory-focused corner? Maybe there’s a closet in your home that you can convert the area in and around to build out a sensory nook. Open your mind to the possibilities hidden around you. After all, sensory spaces are great places for imagination. This is a chance to use yours!

Low-cost solutions, high-quality experiences

Now that you have an idea of the size of the space and some sensory item ideas, it’s time for the tough part: figuring out how to make it work with your limited budget. Before you take a hammer to your piggy bank, take some time to look at your wish list and think about alternatives:

- A thrift shop portable CD or cheap mp3 player and some laptop speakers can work just as well as a brand new stereo. Aging computers that have become too slow current applications can be great for music, too, and some desktop media players feature soothing visualizations that react to whatever track is playing.

- Ball pits are popular sensory items, but they can be way pricey. An inflatable pool with high walls can work well and won’t cost much to replace if it gets damaged.

- While some sensory rooms feature swings and trampolines to promote vestibular stimulation, a more cost-effective solution could be a rocking chair or exercise ball.

- Don’t be afraid to get a little DIY with some items. Building you own sensory boards or blocks, sensory table or sand and water tubes can be a fun weekend project and save you a decent bit of cash. Hanging strands of old Mardi Gras beads or textured ribbons is a great idea, too!

- Use twinkling Christmas lights, LED net-lighting or lava lamps to add an inexpensive glow to your sensory area. A re-purposed electric color wheel typically used for old aluminum Christmas trees can add some soothing color change to the room as well.

- If you choose to portion off a bit of another room, consider buying some cheap, solid color fabric and hanging it like a curtain around the area. Giving the kiddo a little privacy and making them feel like it’s their space could do wonders for their confidence.

Also, don’t forget to mine the Internet for ideas. Pinterest in particular can be a good place for seeking out sensory room inspiration when you’re looking for affordable solutions for your new space.

Check out some funding options

You’re bound to run into an expensive item or two that could make the perfect addition to your sensory space that just can’t bring yourself to compromise on. That’s why you should take a little time to research special needs organizations and charities that assist with funding certain types of adaptive and special needs equipment.

Just don’t let the idea of not having those items keep you from creating your space. Remember: building a sensory room is a process. Starting small will allow the sensory space you create to grow and evolve with your child’s needs. It can also be a great way to learn what items provide your loved one maximum benefit and what items to donate to another family.

Make room for sensory needs

At eSpecial Needs, we’ve help thousands of families, therapists and clinicians put together sensory areas for users of all types. If you have questions about your sensory area project and some of the items you might want to put in it, contact us or chat online with one of our customer service representatives and we’ll do our best to give you a hand no matter what your budget looks like.

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Celebrate Autism Awareness Month with eSpecial Needs

April is Autism Awareness Month! In celebration of the families, clinicians and special needs organizations working with and caring for children and adults with autism every day, we’re taking 10% off everything in our entire ABA & Autism section! This includes our handwriting aids, timers, visual schedules, flashcards, phonics and communication toys, games, puzzles and more. Just use the coupon code “autism414″ when you checkout!


We’ll also be announcing some deeper discounts on a few items throughout the month as well. Sign up for our newsletter or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest to stay up-to-date!


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And the winner of our Sensory Room Contest is…

Congratulations to our Show Us Your Sensory Room winner Nancy B.! Nancy is the proud grandmother of Evan, and she created this sensory space in his bedroom to help Evan with his special sensory needs. As you’ll see, she’s put a lot of work into balancing safety and stimulation.

“Evan loves to roll around in his room and look at all his lights,” Nancy told us in her submission. “As he touches different toys, he gets excited. The whole room has padding on the walls to provide safety as he plays.”sensoryphoto5




The room also has some nice personal touches Nancy created herself. There’s a twinkle light-covered tree painted in one corner, another corner full of small bubble lights and lava lamps, and a wonderful handmade sensory wall. Great work, Nancy! Enjoy your $50 eGift Card!sensoryphoto1


You can view some of the other entries in our sensory room contest in our Facebook album. Don’t forget to visit our Pinterest boards for sensory room items and ideas you can use, too. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get inspired to create a special sensory space of your own!

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Announcing our “Show Us Your Sensory Room” Contest!

Sensory rooms are special places that are just as unique as the children and adults that use them. A lot of time and effort can go into picking the right lighting, music, equipment and toys to create a sensory environment that not only helps the user develop key skills but also promotes calming and a sense of safety.

At eSpecial Needs, we help thousands of families find the perfect items with which to complete a sensory room in their own home. Now, we want to give those families the opportunity to show off their hard work. Send us a photo of the room you’ve created with a brief description of what you’ve placed in it and how it benefits the user, and you’ll be sensoryRoomContestentered to win a $50 eGift Card good for anything in our eSpecial Needs catalog!

To enter, simply email your photo and description to by Wednesday, March 26th. The winner will be announced on our blog and Facebook page on Friday, March 28th. PLEASE NOTE: By giving us your photos, you grant eSpecial Needs permission to use them for marketing purposes.

We’re eager to see what our customers have built, so don’t delay! And if you don’t currently have a sensory room, keep watching this space or check out our Pinterest Page for more sensory room ideas. Maybe you’ll be inspired by what you see!


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