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eSpecial Needs in the iTunes App Store!

We’re excited to announce that eSpecial Needs can now be found in the iTunes App Store! Anyone with an iPad or iPhone can now download our free 2014 Catalog and have our incredible selection of adaptive equipment, sensory toys and assistive technology products right at their fingertips.


How does it work?

Just download the eSpecial Needs 2014 Catalog from the iTunes App Store. Once it’s finished, simply tap our logo on your Home screen and you can flip through our digital catalog just like you would the paper version!

What types of Apple products will the catalog work on?

Our catalog has been optimized to be viewed on the iPad and iPad Air, but you can also download it for the iPhone.

Do I have to hold the device a certain way to read it?

Nope. Our catalog will work in both Portrait or Landscape so you can hold your device in whatever way is most comfortable to you.

Can I order straight from the catalog?

Not yet! Right now, it’s best to order through our website or by calling our Customer Service department. We’ll be continuously tweaking and improving the App Store version of our catalog with new features, though, so stay tuned.

Will you be making an Android version?IMG_1189

Not right away. However, you can still view our the Flash version of digital catalog on Android devices with Flash installed.

We hope you’ll give our catalog a try. We want to create the best experience possible for all of our customers, so your feedback would be very appreciated. Drop us a line via our Contact Us page and let us know if you have comments or suggestions for the next version!

Danceland CD Giveaway

Danceland CDDanceland CD contains fun songs and activities through the exciting world of music. eSpecial Needs is offering the chance to win Danceland CD this week. Danceland CD engages kids in a fun and entertaining way. Many sensory motor activities are highlighted in this Danceland CD. This CD will force everyone participating to get up and move. The movement in Danceland CD is key to increase emotional, cognitive and physical development for all ages. Because Danceland CD is designed by both physical and occupational therapists, there are over 75 moving activities that can be adapted for physical education and home programs.

Danceland CD can easily turn sensory motor activities into fun dancing games. Children are able to create choreography stories, or theatrical performances by the activities that are provided! Children may create their own version of a polka dance or choreograph their own movements through their own style of dance. Kids can also hum or sing a karaoke-style re-make of the 1960s hit “Wild Thing,” or have a Kwanzaa party to the song “Wisdom of Africa.” The possibilities are endless! The lessons on this music CD contain safe and sound activities of all ages and abilities.

Danceland CD Features:

  • Includes CD and booklet
  • 20 multicultural and multi-wonderful Songames
  • Travel Guide booklet combines theory with instruction, while encouraging creative twists through dance on the sensory motor activities
  • Over 75 active learning dance activities to develop motor skills

Click here to fill out the entry form and good luck. The application tends to work better when the form is filled out on a computer rather than a tablet or phone. At the end of each week, one lucky fan will be notified by eSpecial Needs that you have won. No duplications will be counted. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY. Sweepstakes ends 10-19-2014.

Strider Sport Balance Bicycle Giveaway

Strider Sport Balance BicyclesA 16″ Strider Sport Balance Bicycle can help teach users how to balance and ride a bike. This bicycle is designed for users between the ages of 6-12. eSpecial Needs is giving away a 16 inch Strider Sport Balance Bicycle in the month of October. The Strider Sport Balance Bicycle is a great first bike for those learning to ride for the first time. This bicycle can also help users with improving their balancing challenges. The Strider Sport Balance Bicycle is a lightweight, pedal-less design. Users straddle the bike with both feet on the ground and can easily propel the bike by walking or running. This natural method puts the focus on balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions of pedaling. Strider Sport Balance Bicycles help increase balance in users of all abilities in a fun and engaging way.

Strider Sport Balance Bicycle Features:

  • Giveaway Size – 16 inch
  • Lightweight design of 17.7 lbs
  • Perfect for kids 6-12 years old
  • Adjustable padded seat for optimum comfort
  • Easy seat height adjustments for various rider inseams
  • Adjustable handlebar for various rider heights such as low, high, near and far
  • Ergonomic hand levers
  • Powerful v-brakes on front and rear wheels
  • Threadless steering bearings for smooth and a consistent feel
  • Removable footrests for either simplified striding or advanced riding
  • 16” x 1.75” pneumatic all-surface tires with 36-spoke alloy rims and hubs
  • Designed and safety-tested for riders weighing up to 187 lbs

The winner of the Strider Sport Balance Bicycle will get the chance to specify which color they would prefer. This bicycle comes in red, blue, green, white and black.

Just fill out the entry form and good luck. At the end of the month one lucky fan will be notified by eSpecial Needs that you have won. You will have 14 days to claim your price. No duplications will be counted. Rules: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Sweepstakes ends October 31, 2014.