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Adaptive utensils and dinner flatware that has been adapted with angled, bendable, weighted and built up handles for those with Arthritis, physical disabilities, poor fine motor skills, grasping difficulties, or Parkinson's tremors.
Eating can be a pleasure again with these special needs utensils with large handles, angled handles or added weight to make dining easier.

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EasieEaters Curved Utensils - eSpecial Needs
EasieEaters Curved Utensils

Easie Eaters are specially designed by an occupational therapist. These angled utensils promote greater success with hand-to-mouth feeding and...

Utensil Holder - eSpecial Needs
Utensil Holder

The utensil holder features a host of ways to make eating, writing and other activities easier.

Good Grips Utensils - eSpecial Needs
Good Grips Utensils

Good Grips Utensils are stainless steel utensils that feature a 1.375" built-up handle.

Maddadapt UBend-It Spoon
Maddadapt UBend-It Spoon

Bring back the joy of dining to those with rheumatism, arthritis, or upper extremity weaknesses that reduce their range of motion with a...

Maroon Spoons - eSpecial Needs
Maroon Spoons

The now-famous maroon spoon continues to be a favorite. It's available in two sizes and features a narrow, shallow bowl ideal for feeding...

Weighted Utensils - eSpecial Needs
Weighted Utensils

Help stabilize the tremulous hand of a Parkinson's patient with these heavy Weighted Utensils that allow for easier, less frustrating meal...

Youth Weighted Utensils - eSpecial Needs
Youth Weighted Utensils

Weight has been added to utensils to assist in stabilizing the tremulous hand. Plastic vinyl handles are shaped to fit the fingers.

Coated Bent Built-Up Handle Utensils

Our Coated Bent Built-Up Handle Utensils are all-in-one adaptive dining utensils for individuals with special needs.

Plastisol™ Plastic Coated Spoons

Provide maximum protection for the teeth and lips of clients with spasticity or limited hand control at an economical price with...

Pediatric Easy Grip Cutlery With Built-Up Handles

Curved spoons and forks with built-up handles allow children with limited hand strength, decreased range of motion and decreased grasp to feed...

Maddadapt UBend-It Fork

Bendable forks are ideal for people with upper extremity weakness or reduced range of motion.

ADL Universal Cuff Utensil Holder
ADL Universal Cuff Utensil Holder

Eating utensils fit easily into the ADL Universal Cuff, helping enhance the abilities of individuals with limited grip or dexterity...

Youth Weighted Coated Spoons - eSpecial Needs
Youth Weighted Coated Spoons

Strengthen and stabilize a child's grip on his spoon while protecting his lips, teeth and gums from discomfort with Youth Weighted Coated...

Pediatric Sure Hand Utensils

Pediatric Sure Hand Utensils have a soft, comfortable, non-slip grip with an extra-wide lip on the handle to stabilize grip and stop the hand...

Textured Spoons

Textured Spoons are designed to aid in the transition to spoon feeding for individuals with oral sensory needs.

Good Grip Weighted Utensils - eSpecial Needs
Good Grips Weighted Utensils

Good Grips Weighted Utensils are 6 oz. (170g) of added weight in the built-up handle that provides more control so that the utensil reaches the...

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