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Tricycles, Bicycles and Training Wheels


Tricycles, Bicycles and Training Wheels

Pediatric Tricycles, Bicycles and Training Wheels - eSpecial Needs
Adaptive tricycles and bicycles are available to accommodate a vast array of special needs. Hand-pedaled recumbent tricycles make it possible for those without the use of their legs. Children, teens and adults with cerebral palsy and similar disorders can select tricycles specially designed to increase strength and coordination.
Caregivers to autistic children can ride with their child on tandem special needs tricycles built to accommodate one adult and one child rider. Special training wheels are available for standard bikes that can support up to 150 lbs. without bending.

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Fatwheels Training Wheels

Get your kids off the street and onto the trail...or the beach...or any less-than-perfectly-smooth surface... with FATWHEELS Training Wheels.

AmTryke Toddler Therapeutic Tricycle - eSpecial Needs
AmTryke Toddler Therapeutic Tricycle

The AmTryke Toddler Therapeutic Tricycle is appealing to youngsters who cannot handle a regular tricycle because of low tone, spina bifida,...

Special Needs Trike Trailer

With this stable two wheel special needs tricycle trailer, your entire family can join the fun of bike riding.

Developmental Adult Trike - eSpecial Needs
WTX Wide Track Developmental Adult Trike

Super, wide-tracking wheels offer added stability and exceptional traction.


The PlasmaCar runs on pure kid power to move. Great for gross motor development and fun. Red Only

Mobo Triton – The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser

The Mobo Triton is an exciting and ultra maneuverable three wheeled cruiser for children and adults.

Developmental Youth Trike - Freewheel

Our Youth Developmental Trike features the heavy duty construction of an adult trike in a scaled-down model for children.

Adult Series 2700 AmTryke 24-inch Tricycle

2700 Series AmTrykes is intended for use with any rider who needs the full support provided by a wide wheelbase and stability of a tricycle.

ProSeries 1416 AmTryke Tricycle - eSpecial Needs
AmTryke ProSeries 1416 Tricycle

A more traditional style tricycle for children with special needs up to about 12 years old. Supports up to 175 lbs.

ProSeries 1412 AmTryke Tricycle - eSpecial Needs
ProSeries 1412 AmTryke Tricycle

Provide a more traditional tricyle for kids with special needs without skimping on safety and accessibility with the AmTryke ProSeries Model...

Wrist Wrap for AmTryke Tricycles - eSpecial Needs
Wrist Wrap for AmTryke Tricycles

Pair of wrist wraps go around wrists and cover the hand on handgrip and then back around wrist to help maintain hold on handgrip.

Adult Fatwheels

For Larger Children & Adults. Adult FATWHEELS® Training Wheels are designed for 24" - 27" bicycles.

AmTryke 2700 Adult Series 20-inch Tricycle
AmTryke 2700 Adult Series 20-inch Tricycle

2700 Series AmTrykes is intended for use with any rider who needs the full support provided by a wide wheelbase and stability of a tricycle.

KaZAM Balance Bike

It is all about balance and has little to do with training wheels and pedals. The KaZAM is the only run bike on the market uniquely designed with a...

Power Pumper

The Power Pumper is a unique and innovative ride-on that is operated by pulling the “pumper arm” towards you and then pushing it...

Rifton Large Adaptive Tricycles

Designed for children 10 years old to adult, the Rifton Large Adaptive Tricycle provides therapeutic, reciprocal exercise with all the fun of...

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