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Rifton On The Toilet HTS (Hygiene And Toileting System)

    Rifton On The Toilet HTS (Hygiene And Toileting System)

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    Rifton On The Toilet HTS (Hygiene And Toileting System)

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    The Rifton On The Toilet HTS offers a simple on the toilet design with ideal seating position for children up to 74" tall and under 250 lbs. 

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    The Rifton On The Toilet HTS offers a simple on the toilet design with ideal seating positions for users requiring additional support while toileting. The Rifton On The Toilet HTS offers supports for head, trunk, hips, and legs that can be easily added or eliminated from the toilet seat as your child learns to sit on the toilet. The Rifton HTS can be used on, over or off any existing ADA compliant toilets to adapt to any special needs situation.

    The Rifton HTS is hygienic, simple, affordable, which  promotes the forward positioning that is ideal and natural for effective toileting. Meanwhile, its versatility and simplicity – usable on, over and off the toilet, no tools required – make the lives of caregivers better too.

    Rifton On The Toilet HTS Includes:

    • Toilet seat
    • Toilet Back
    • Set of Armrests
    • Mounting bar for on the toilet mounting
    • Seat Belt

    Rifton On The Toilet HTS Benefits:

    • The unique design of the optional seat pad opening (open to the rear), facilitates clear access for cleaning and hygiene.
    • The portability base with carry bag provides clients greater independence and have the freedom to travel.
    • Optional seat and back pads are made with integral skin foam to provide comfort and easy disinfecting for caregivers.
    • Versatile depending on your toileting situation or special need.

    On the Toilet

    The Toilet Seat fits on toilets that are ADA compliant. In order to determine which mounting bar you need, you will want to measure from the center line of the seat bolts to the front edge of the porcelain bowl. Use the standard toilet mounting bar if this is 17" of less, otherwise use the elongated toilet mounting bar.
    HTS On The Toilet


    OptionalFoot board adjusts so that small children can be placed over the toilet. Armrests can be removed for easy access on and off the seat. The polypropylene seat is hygienic, with a chemical and water resistant surface. All hardware is rust-free stainless steel. With the frame over the toilet, the foot board is available for lower extremity stabilization.
    HTS Stationary Base


    For convenience in your home, the 21.25" wide rolling commode frame can easily go through narrow doorways. The optional pan slips easily into the tracks under the seat, from the back of the chair, making cleanup quick and simple.
    HTS Mobile Base
    SKU# RiftonOnTheToiletHTS


    Rifton On The Toilet HTS Specifications:

    Size Small Medium Large
    User's height 30" - 46" 42" - 56" 50" - 74"

    Key User Dimension: Height

    The user's overall height is a general guide to help you select the appropriate chair. Choose the model that allows for growth.   Important: Make sure that seat width, depth, and height are adequate for each individual user, and that the user's weight does not exceed the maximum working load.

     Overall width 21.25" 21.25"


    Seat (front) to footboard height*

    8" - 13" 10" - 15" 13" - 18"
    Seat (front) to floor; mobile tilt-in-space 15" - 21.5" 15" - 21.5" 17" - 22.5"
    Seat (front) to floor; mobile non-tilt 15.5" - 20" 15.5" - 20" 18" - 22"
    Seat (front) to floor; stationary 12.5" - 17" 12.5" - 17" 15" - 19"
    Seat Depth 8", 9", 10", 11" 11.5", 12.5", 13.5", 14.5" 14.5", 15.5", 16.5", 17.5"
    Width: Seat Back 8", 10", 12"/11.5" 10", 12", 14"/13.5" 13", 15", 17"/16"
    Armrest Height 5.75" 7" 8.75"
    Backrest height above seat 16.5" 19.5" 24.5"
    Tilt-in-Space: forward/back 15°/15° 15°/15° 15°/15°
    Backrest angle adjustment: forward/back 6°/6° and 18° 6°/6° and 18° 6°/6° and 18°
    Max Clear Height Under Seat; tilt 19" 19" 20"
    Max Clear Height Under Seat; stationary/non-tilt 15" 15" 16.5"
    Max Clear Height Under Seat; mobile/non-tilt 18" 18" 19.5"
    Portability Base Clearance 18.5" 18.5" N/A
    Frame Weight 15 lbs 27.5 lbs 45 lbs
    Max Working Load 75 lbs 150 lbs 250 lbs

    Rifton HTS Seat Pads Specifications:

    HTS Seat Pads
    Open Closed
     Small 3 -3/4"(W) x 9 -1/4" (L) 3 -1/4" x 7 -3/4" (L)
     Medium 4-1/2" (W) x 12" (L)  3-1/2" (W) x 10" (L)
     Large  5-3/4" (W) x 14-1/4" (L)  4-1/2" (W) x 12" (L)

     * When mobile base is in lowest positions and foot board is fully extended, it may prevent front casters from swiveling. In this case, either change the foot board angle or raise the seat height to give the casters room to swivel.

    Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty


    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I clean the Rifton HTS?

    After each use, clean the seat and frame with disinfectant wipes or a solution of up to 10% bleach. The straps with hook and loop closures may be laundered with the closures engaged. The Polyurethane pads are easy to remove to allow cleaning and drying underneath. They can be wiped clean with soapy water or a mild disinfectant.
    How do I size the Rifton HTS for my child?
    You will need to confirm several measurements:
    1. The child's overall height
    2. The child's overall weight
    3. Hip width
    The toilet seat is designed for a child who it 30" - 74" in height.  The seat has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The seat width between the armrests is 8" - 17", so you will need to confirm the child's hip width and upper legs will fit.

    What is included with the Rifton HTS?
    The Rifton HTS includes: toilet seat, toilet back, mounting bar, set of armrests, and a seat belt.