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Cando Inflatable Wedge

    Cando Inflatable Wedge


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    Cando Inflatable Wedge

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    Promote good posture with Cando Inflatable Seat Wedges, which combine the properties of a ball and a wedge.



    Dynamic Seating Plus Static Positioning

    The Cando Wedge is an inflatable dynamic air cushion that activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine. The wedge shape encourages a seated posture with a forward pelvic position and the movement fits perfectly in elementary school desks and other chairs.

    Inflatable wedge seat with properties of both dynamic seating and static positioning. It combines sitting on a ball and wedge to encourage correct anatomical seating. Movin' Sit requires active participation from the user in assuming a correct sitting posture. The user's pelvis is positioned in an anterior tilt to prevent slouching and correctly align the spine. Surface is comfortably bumpy, allowing air to circulate beneath the buttocks while providing acupressure. Easily inflated by mouth. Colors may vary.

    This inflatable wedge seat encourages static anatomical seating while mimicking the dynamic seating motion of a therapy ball. It is great for kids with poor posture and those who have trouble sitting still. In particular, kids with ADHD and/or Sensory Integration Dysfunction will benefit from the Cando Wedge.

    It can also be used upright in any chair as a back support or on the floor. Adjust inflation to comfort level.
    Used as a posture correcting seat cushion or a lumbar support, the inflatable Cando Wedge encourages proper alignment with its dynamic wedge shape. Smooth surface on one side, with sensory points on the other. The Cando Wedge cushion is an inflatable, dynamic cushion that activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine. The wedge shape encourages proper posture and alignment while sitting at a desk or table.
    SKU# CanDoInflatableWedge


    Cando Wedge Specifications:

    • Comes in 2 sizes for children and adults
    • Child's - 10" x 10"
    • Adult - 13.5" x 13.5"
    • Improves balance, coordination, flexibility and strength
    • Combines active sitting and static positioning to improve posture
    • Aids in comfortable sitting
    • Aids people with back problems
    • Can be inflated or deflated to adjust the firmness
    • Latex Free

    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are the benefits to active sitting using the Cando Wedge?
    Active sitting can relieve pain and fosters overall health. It is also known as "unsupported seating" and "sitting in motion." Active sitting encourages the body to move and adjust constantly. It also encourages the body to sit in a more natural position.
    • Improved core fitness: Continuous movement to re-stabilize your torso strengthens your spinal and abdominal muscles
    • Burn calories: You can burn up to 350 calories a day from active sitting
    • Improved balance: Active sitting is a form of balance training
    • Fosters natural body posture and alignment
    • Maintains blood flow
    Who Can Use the Cando Wedge?
    Anyone who sits for long periods of time will benefit from using the Cando Wedge, from office workers to truck drivers, from musicians to painters and from students to seniors. People who wish to improve their posture can use the Cando Wedge.
    What is the Cando Wedge?
    The Cando Wedge is an active dynamic seating device. It is an 13.5" inflatable wedge made of PVC. One side is smooth while the other has sensory bumps. There is also a 10" Cando Wedge Junior for children.
    How to Use the Cando Wedge?
    The Cando Wedge can be placed on the seat of any chair. While sitting with the Cando Wedge, make sure that both feet are firmly on the floor. Bounce in your seat, move back and forth and from side to side to enjoy the benefits of active sitting.
    Alternatively, you can place the Cando Wedge on the back of a chair for extra lumbar support.

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    The Cando Wedge has proven to be very helpful for posture in the classroom and allows for my students to move in their seats. Review by Barbara / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    I bought my first Cando Wedge in desperation about a year ago. I was having terrible hip pain after starting a new job. Had to cling to the stair rails and pull myself up. It was awful. A specialist prescribed physical therapy three times a week - expensive and time consuming. Review by Brenda / (Posted on 8/26/2013)