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FitBALL® Seating Disc

    FitBALL® Seating Disc

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    FitBALL® Seating Disc

    From: $28.95

    Inflatable dynamic cushions that mimic both the movement and shape of the ball in any seat. They can also be used on the floor for balance training, proprioception and strengthening of the lower extremities.



    The FitBALL® Seating Disc is an inflatable dynamic cushions that mimic both the movement and shape of the ball in any seat. The Seating Discs can also be used on the floor for balance training, proprioception and strengthening of the lower extremities. The FitBALL® Seating Disc promotes upright posture, improves balance and is ideal support for the squat position. Can be used for standing balance as well. Inflates using a regular basketball needle and bicycle pump.

    Available in two sizes: Small - 12" diameter and Large - 15" diameter.



    FitBALL Seating Disc Specifications:

    • Small - 12" diameter
    • Large - 15" diameter
    • Latex Free

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are the benefits to active sitting using the FitBALL Seating Disc?
    Active sitting can relieve pain and fosters overall health. It is also known as "unsupported seating" and "sitting in motion." Active sitting encourages the body to move and adjust constantly. It also encourages the body to sit in a more natural position.
    • Improved core stability
    • Mild exercise (burn up to 350 calories a day from active sitting)
    • Ergonomic seating
    • Improved balance
    • Improved body posture and spinal alignment
    • Increased blood flow
    • Decreased stiffness
    • Pain relief
    Who Can Use the FitBALL Seating Disc?
    Anyone who sits for long periods of time will benefit from using the FitBall Seating Disc, from office workers to truck drivers, from musicians to painters and from students to seniors. People who wish to improve their posture can use the FitBall Seating Disc.
    What is the FitBALL Seating Disc?
    The FitBall Seating Disc is an active dynamic seating device. It is an 15" inflatable seating disc made of PVC. One side is smooth while the other has sensory bumps. There is also a 12" FitBall Seating Disc for children.
    How to Use the FitBALL Seating Disc?
    The FitBall Seating Disc can be placed on the seat of any chair. While sitting with the FitBall Seating Disc, make sure that both feet are firmly on the floor. Bounce in your seat, move back and forth and from side to side to enjoy the benefits of active sitting.
    Alternatively, you can place the FitBall Seating Disc on the back of a chair for extra lumbar support.


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    This a great product to use if you are seating in front of a computer for long period of time. The seating ball forces you to sit up straight and causes the spine to stay straight. It helps relieves back ache and shoulder ache. Review by Regine / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    Very helpful for active sudents in the clasroom. I purchased several of the fitball seating discs to help students who usually do not sit in their seat well; have their feet/butt up in the air, stand, etc.; to be able to move in their seat with little notice. Review by Sandra / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    My chiropractor put a few of these on the waiting room chairs and while I initially shied away from it (it looks strange, right?) I eventually sat on one as I became curious. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the springiness of the disc and the relief on low back muscles. I don't think you can sit on it and help bouncing a bit either because it feels so good to do so. I also found that the disc decreases tension/resistance as you lean over to pick up a book, drink etc. I'm thinking of getting one for my car and possibly for inexpensive gifts... Review by Lisa / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    I got this as a gift and just love it. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to balance on it without using your legs. It's fun and you can just use it while you're watching TV. How could that be wrong? Review by Yvette / (Posted on 8/26/2013)