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ZL90 90' Zip Line

    ZL90 90' Zip Line

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    ZL90 90' Zip Line

    SKU# E00161

    Children and adults will enjoy building up muscles, flying through the air and seeing how fast and long they can go with the ZL90 90' Zip Line.



    The ultimate residential Zip Line! A cable trolley ride for the "zippiest" fun in motion". The ZL90 90' Zip Line is manufactured with super strong, space age plastic for added strength & weatherability. A design that holds up to 250 lbs. and an extra long 94 foot heavy duty cable that allows rides between 40' and 90'.

    Recommended for ages 8 years and up. All parts and limited warranty included.
    The ZL90 90' Zip Line lets children and adults glide back and forth along the cable like an Olympic athlete or a soaring bird in flight! Simply attach the cable between 2 trees or other supports, grab the trolley handles and your on your way... for the best Fun Ride™ of all! ZL90 90' Zip Line will provide hours of outdoor fun! ZL90 90' Zip Line is the perfect birthday, holiday, or anytime gift for that special someone! 
    A backyard zip line is a great way to build upper extremity strength, muscle endurance, and self-confidence as children challenge themselves to hold on long enough to make it to the other end.

    Children and adults will enjoy building up muscles, flying through the air and seeing how fast and long they can go. For children with sensory processing disorders these zip lines are a great tool for heavy work to help give their muscles extra input that will calm and relax them when they are done.

    For other children with sensory integration disorders who are fearful of vestibular input, it is a great way to enhance their ability to integrate and tolerate movement. With help and support from an adult, they will be able to build their confidence slowly until they master it on their own and take pride in their increased abilities.

    The backyard zip line is also ideal for kids who just can't seem to get enough movement experiences, they will be on this trolley ride for hours at a time. You will appreciate the endorphin release they get and the calming input they receive before they sit down for therapy, homework, or dinner! Clinics, schools and homes will be glad they have this equipment as a resource for their child.

    Backyard zip lines and trolleys come with steel cable that must be attached to two sturdy supporting objects. They are safe and recommended for anyone ages 3-adult.

    SKU# E00161


    ZL90 90' Zip Line Specifications:

      ZL35 ZL70 ZL90
    Length of Ride Up to 35' Up to 70' Up to 90'
    Maximum Weight Limit 100 lbs. 225 lbs. 250 lbs.
    Age Range 5-12 years 8 years-Adult 8 years-Adult
    Trolley Material/Color UV Stable, Super Tough Yellow Plastic UV Stable, Super Tough Red/Green Plastic UV Stable, Space age Strong Blue Plastic
    Cable Steel Stranded Aircraft Steel Stranded Aircraft Extra Strong Steel Stranded Aircraft
    Ridged Hand Grips YES YES YES
    Mounting Platform Design Plan NO YES YES
    Tensioning Device NO YES YES
    Complete Instructions YES YES YES
    Easy Assembly/All Parts Included YES YES YES
    1 Year Limited Warranty YES YES YES
    Independent Testing Lab Evaluation YES YES YES

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    We got the Super Z Fun Ride because I had a similar thing growing up 30+ years ago, only we called it "the monorail." It is every bit as fun as I remembered! It does take some strength to get the cable taut enough, but aside from that the installation went according to the directions and without trouble. We used a couple of lengths of slit hose to protect the tree bark from the cable, and screwed in a bolt 1" underneath the back of the cable to ensure that it wouldn't slip down. HOWEVER, the bolt does not seem necessary now that we've been using the Fun Ride for a month. The cable stays put, as it should. We added a very fat, soft knotted rope (impossible to tangle or get caught in) with a big Jolly Ball at the end to sit on, so you don't have to hang like a monkey from the trolley AND it's easier to catch and tow back to the top. Our 7 year old and his friends think it is super, super cool -- they play Indiana Jones and Commando and whoop it up every free second of the afternoon! Review by L. El-Azem / (Posted on 8/26/2013)